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Zanu-PF government warned that Zimbabweans are frustrated by its misrule

by Stephen Jakes
24 Aug 2015 at 07:12hrs | Views
Political and social commentators have warned the ruling Zanu-PF government that the generality of Zimbabwean masses are frustrated and a lot of them are very angry over the continued economic decline which make them struggle to survive yet the leaders are enjoying life up there.

Revesayi Mutede posted that President Robert Mugabe must be aware of the fury of a patient man.

"To the Zanu-PF led government, we would like to issue a strong warning that the generality of the Zimbabwean masses are frustrated and a lot of them are very angry," reads the post.

"If the causes of this frustration and anger are not urgently addressed, then unfortunately it is only a matter of time before people find a conduit to let this anger out. Don't say that we didn't warn you."

The post also asked why are the people angry?

"You might want to ask; we will tell you what you already know.," reads the post.

"The people are angry at the hunger that you are making them go through everyday while the bellies of those on the gravy train are full. The people are frustrated at the lack of jobs and the government's indifference towards employment creation. The people are angry at the levels of corruption and the government's unwillingness to tackle it. The people are angry at the ever deteriorating standards of living for the majority while a select few are mired in filthy riches."

The post also stated that the people are angry because their government is not listening to them and it shows a lot of insensitivity by not caring about them.

"The people are angry at the dirt and grime that they are made to live with because their government lacks the will to clean up or maintain public infrastructure," reads the post. "The people are angry at the way Government Departments and Parastatals are being run down by those malcontents that are appointed to run them."

The post said the people are angry at the state of the national health service which has been left to deteriorate because those in power can fly outside the country to get treated.

"The people are angry because they are being humiliated by the "people's government" which has dismally failed to provide service delivery, with no power , no water, urban people are made to endure everyday life as if they are in the rural areas," reads the post. "Basically the people are frustrated angry at almost everything as our Government seems clueless on how to get us out of this Economic hell-hole"

The post reads that the people are angry because Zimbabwe is now ranked as the second poorest country in the world GDP per capita.

"The people are angry at our leaders' childish politicking while the country burns economically," reads the post. "Is an angry society an unhealthy one? So we're often told. Feeling angry? Well, then, say those earnest experts who seek to soothe our roiled spirits, they tell us to calm down. Take a chill pill. Try yoga."

Mutede's post states that they also tell us that Zimbabweans are an educated and docile lot that will not go into the streets to demand their right, they tell us that it is only the uneducated people of South Africa that will take to the streets, well how wrong they are!

"Human societies worldwide are the same, the people of Europe where literacy rates are much higher than those in Zimbabwe will take to the streets for minor misdemeanors committed by those in Authority and we shudder to think what they will do if they are forced to endure days on end on empty stomachs?," reads the post.

"Where would we as a nation be had the then Nationalists not shown any anger towards the injustices of the ruthless white colonial rulers? We probably wouldn't have achieved our independence again we would like to ask, where would America be without its anger? Perhaps still under Colonial rule, if those rowdy upstarts had never tossed British tea into Boston Harbor. Perhaps still mired in a slave-based economy, if not for the prodding of yes, vitriolic abolitionists."

The post reads that the presence of anger can indicate a society's moral and political well-being, and its absence can be a worrisome sign of complacency. Indeed, the democratic idea rests on the proposition that the well-placed anger of the citizenry can be an appropriate and useful instrument of change. Aristotle certainly thought so. "The man who is angry at the right things and with the right people is praised."

"To our leaders, we would like to warn you that you are not the only ones that can get angry neither is the right to be angry reserved for you alone; our people have feelings too, they bleed just like you, they get ill just like you, they have aspirations expect their fortunes to change for the better and they expect their government to be championing projects and policies that will make Zimbabwe great again," it reads.

"Conventional wisdom tells us that the best method of managing outrage is to come clean, admit mistakes and invite the public to contribute to solutions."
"The fact that the Zimbabwean people have be quiet for a long time should never be misconstrued as a sign of weakness, they reserve the right to be "angry at the right things and with the right people" and this time there is a lot of simmering tension because of the frustration and there is boiling anger among the people and if we are not careful we will all fall victims to the people' ire," added the post.

"We do not want to live to regret where we will end up asking ourselves why didn't we do anything about a situation that was clearly untenable when people take matters into their own hands. The people have been patient for a long time now but we at STOP are warning the government to STOP pushing the envelope by testing the people's patience. Just beware of the fury of a patient man."

Source - Byo24News

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