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Zanu PF activists attacked over calls for government to retrench its workers

by Stephen Jakes
26 Aug 2015 at 06:04hrs | Views
Zanu PF activist Fidelis Fengu
Zanu PF activist Fidelis Fengu has received a barrage of attacks from social media users after he called for government to retrench its workers so as to reduce its wage bill

"Government should move to retrench a huge chunk of civil servants to make the wage bill bearable," said Fengu.

Mckay Nthakomwa said Fengu must be the first to be retrenched.

Ignatius Nyoni said that would be a bad move for government.

Charles Chinyere asked as to who will do the job when the workers are fired.

Another social media users said the retrenchment must start with those who are in charge of government and then cascade down to the low grades.

"Trim the large chunk of MPs, permanent secretaries, trim the soldiers, remove residents ministers etc," he said. "Kwete maTeacher ega anongotaurwa aya. Chinamasa hapana kwaanosika achida kusimbirira uye kunzvenga zvinofanirwa kuitwa chaizvo. Fight for the truth then in tht way we knw u ar an economist."

Mlungisi Ben Ncube said government should further cut expenditure on MP salaries and allowances, in fact not pay them.

"Then sell ZBC and NRZ, GMB and air Zimbabwe," he said.

Another social network user said but Zimbabweans are a funny group because  the term civil servant may apply to all Government officials and workers in other countries but definitely not in Zimbabwe, so whatever response you have its already excluding MPs, Soldiers,The President etc.

Bishop Mudau said, "Lets retrench soldiers and policemen first.all above 35 must go.Zimbabwe is not at war to need such a huge army and we are mostly a peaceful country.we need a small.manageable police force.then next retrench CIOs. Then retrench the president. He is sleeping on the job."

Godfrey Phiri said if soldiers and policemen are cut many criminals shall come out from them (Retrenched Policemen n Soldiers) so the questionto ask is that what people want.

Source - Byo24News