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Zimbabwe govt in heat wave precautions

by Staff Reporter
09 Oct 2015 at 21:47hrs | Views
People have been implored to take appropriate precautions to help prevent heat related illnesses.

Those who rear domestic animals have been urged to ensure that animals are sheltered in ventilated places with adequate drinking water.

The line ministries of Health and Child Care, Agriculture and Climate are not leaving things to chance and have put in place the necessary measures to ensure that humans, livestock and crops are protected from the impending heat wave.   

Severe heat waves can create serious health problems to both humans and animals.

Usually the elderly, the very young, the sick and those without access to air conditioning are mostly affected.

Staying hydrated will help the body sweat and maintain a normal body temperature and people must be able to recognise the symptoms of heat exhaustion and heatstroke.

Under normal circumstances, animals have their own ways of coping with heat waves.

Birds and livestock react differently to changes in weather patterns and as a livestock officer explains, poultry must not be kept in densely populated runs.

The dry and windy conditions that are expected to characterise the coming days are also a catalyst for the spread of veldt fires, hence the call for people to avoid starting fires unnecessarily.

Recent events and science confirm that the frequency and duration of heat waves has been increasing significantly over the last years across the globe.

Source - zbc

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