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The goats that no 'sane' thief would steal

by Staff reporter
25 Oct 2015 at 07:22hrs | Views
In most parts of Zimbabwe, goat meat is a delicacy that is often reserved for consumption during special occasions such as Christmas and other religious festivities.

But since time immemorial, those in areas around Cross Business Centre in Mashonaland East have known a single rule when it comes to consuming goat meat - consume the Domborembudzi Mountain wild goats at your own peril.

It is widely believed that if a villager kills such a goat and consumes its meat, chances of that person developing mental illnesses are high.

Wild animals, among them hungry baboons, wild pigs and dogs, also willingly subscribe to this unwritten law of nature.

Various "tribes" of mostly black wild mountain goats freely roam this granite outcrop, which is known to Murehwa residents as the Domborembudzi Mountain.

This literally translates to the "Mountain of the Goats".

Here, the wild mountain goats whose numbers might be well over 200 form large herds that are rarely troubled by both wild animals and humans from the surrounding environs.

To those that are well accustomed with the goings on in the area, baboons, snakes and monkeys, among other animals that call the Domborembudzi Mountain home, have never dared attack the wild goats.

In fact, the baboons co-habit with the goats.

As strange as it may sound, domesticated goats are always viciously attacked each time they trespass the mountain goats' "forbidden territory".

When The Sunday Mail recently visited Cross Business Centre, villagers spoke about the wild goats passionately.

"At the height of the economic recession in 2002, some villagers were said to have broken the rules and sold the wild goat mountain meat," said a villager who preferred anonymity.

"The majority of people who consumed the meat are currently experiencing mental health problems."

Mr Lucky Chihohwa, whose homestead is at the base of the mountain, confirmed the Domborembudzi mysteries.

"This is about people I know, people I grew up with.

"Some are currently insane while others are regretting consuming the goat meat.

Apart from the goats, the mountain is widely believed to have underground caves that stretch for more than 10 kilometres.


Source - Sunday Mail
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