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Zim restoration beckons - Nigerian prophet Isaac Amata

by Stephen Jakes
12 Jan 2016 at 06:04hrs | Views
A Nigerian prophet has made a prophecy that Zimbabwe that the country's economy will be restored and boom ordering the people in the country to fast and pray for the good times to come.

Prophet Isaac Amata on January 6 said he saw a vision of Zimbabwe restoration and recovery for Zimbabwe during 30 days  of his fasting and prayers on the prayer mountain.

"My name is prophet Isaac Amata from Lagos, Nigeria. l am not a Zimbabwean but a Nigerian..a prophet chosen specifically for the deliverance and restoration of the continent Africa. Having returned from my 2 months crusades in Johannesburg and Capetown in South Africa..." he said. "l retreated into my normal end of year 30days fasting and prayer program preceding every new year. Apart from this l was already on my 9 years fasting program since 2007. While on this in December 2015. The lord appeared to me with series of messages for nations..persons but that of Zimbabwe stands out! Why Zimbabwe? What is the interest? l say none but a Prophet speaks what he is showed."

He said there is hope, there is restoration, there is abundance coming to Zimbabwe.

"I saw it! l saw the prosperity! Despite the present challenges..Zimbabwe rose to become a nation of envy to many!" he said. "Ezekiel 37... The vision of Zimbabwe arising again! God loves Zimbabwe. Let every citrizen rerad, let this vision be in their hearts. Let the solution be followed. I was told during the encounter l had as regards Zimbabwe to clearly state..this revelation is not programmed to favor any party..political persons or groups but to favor Zimbabwe as a nation..the people..the peace and stability of a nation called to me as" beacon of hope for Africa " Yes l was told soon other nations will say indeed God indeed resides in Zimbabwe for only God shall take glory in this nation!"

He said the lord sent an angel with a map of Africa..pointed to the southern part of Africa to where it was written.

"Zimbabwe and beneath l saw " Ezekiel 37". I was told that was where Zimbabwe was right now..l was also given a Divine Solution to the recovery. l believe l will state the part which was highlighted to me..Ezekiel 37:1-11.."The hand of the LORD was upon me and brought me in the Spirit of the lord and set me in the valley and it was full of bones...indeed they were very dry. And He said..Son of man can this bones live?" l answered " O lord  only thou knows" That is the situation now in Zimbabwe saith the lord. People are asking is there any hope now in this nation..Zimbabweans are asking..but listen to what the lord is saying in verse 4.."

He said.."Prophesy to these bones..prophesy to the economy..I will cause restoration..recovery..You shall live! lt starts this year 2016. verse 7.."So l prophesied as l was commanded.

"Zimbabwe is time to fast and pray...  time to prophesy," he said. "I see various people..groups blaming each other..warring each other..finding faults in Zimbabwe..listen lt is not the solution..The spiritual controls the physical..l repeat only God restored Israel..brought live to the dry bones..Zimbabwe needs divine  intervention, prayers with fasting..national prayers for 3-7 days from the Government to the doesn't matter which side..which party any belongs to..."Zimbabwe prays for national prosperity" must be called upon..those in Government must spearhead! starting from the President...its ministers..The church..the people..the workers must join hand..the prayers must be.."Lord. Let Zimbabwe be revived..restored again! Send your Spirit into the foundation of beloved Zimbabwe..cause all dry bones..dry circumstances..let all sectors of the nation receive  life! Let Zimbabwe and its people flourish in 2016"

He said if this is heeded..differences put aside verse 10 will surely come to pass..

"So l prophesied ( Zimbabweans prophesy goodness..possibilities not doom..not gloom) as He commanded me and breath came into them and  they lived and stood on their feet." he said. " Zimbabwe will arise will stand on its feet! l am saying what l saw because l believe in God of possibilities. If this prophesy..this revelation is heeded..national prayers with unity..with Zimbabwe and its people only put at heart..l see industrial..economical and financial breakthrough coming so fast that all will be shocked! I see hope..l see restoration! l was told Zimbabweans must stop saying.."No change..the economy is dead! lt will not be restored again! Yes present circumstances seems contrary just like the dry bones, but the dry bones lived again! So life is coming as l saw because God will what no man can do!"

He said areas will be greatly revived at the end such as agriculture and industries.
S"share these good news to many all Zimbabwean on Facebook, Whatsapp etc," he said. "Restoration comes into Zimbabwe."

Source - Byo24News