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Mugabe will never win against Mujuru

by Stephen Jakes
12 Mar 2016 at 10:13hrs | Views
A political analyst has claimed that President Robert Mugabe will never win the election against former Vice President Joice Mujuru and has started planning to steal from her by hook or crook.

"The president knows that his party and family may not exactly win the contest with Joice, and he cannot just plant a tree in front of her moving car like he did to many others," said the analyst.

"He has a somewhat brilliant plan to eliminate her which involves the looted diamonds. We all know that Mugabe will defend and protect his territory in ways we could only imagine for savages. But the Mujuru issue has dried his tank of cruel energy. The decision to stop Chinese mining diamonds and his revelation that they stole(never mind that he helped them) US15 billion, could be part of his plan to get rid of Joice once and for all."

The analyst said Mugabe knows that Mujuru officially benefited from the loot as a partner to the Chinese at one point.

"Now he has done a fast track on the Chinese and at an opportune time, will order an investigation leading to suspects being "arrested" We know one big suspect is that PF witch. Once he has her in police custody, the real Zanu-PF vultures will take over and that will be the end of her, her PF nonsense and her business," said the analyst.

"It is also very important for Mugabe to silence Mujuru because she might use the assassination of her husband to win over sympathetic voters. She has threatened to reveal his murderers and there really is no prize for guessing who might be named."

He said Mujuru must just have counted her losses and not jumped to further confuse Zimbabweans.

"Her party might still be a Zanu-PF plan but Mugabe has found a way now to take her out for good," said the analyst.

Source - Byo24News