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Zanu PF youth member says he is not concerned about either of the party factions

by Stephen Jakes
17 Mar 2016 at 05:25hrs | Views
Zanu PF youth member Fidelis Fengu has said he is not worried about which faction in the party between the Lacoste believed to be aligned to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the G40 supported by first lady Grace Mugabe.

The remarks come at a time when it appears the G40 is on the winning side as most of the Lacoste members have since been either fired or suspended from the party while the G40 has remained intact.

"I am currently on a political sabbatical , enjoying all things Church," Fengu said. "I don't care which faction is winning , I only care that ZANU PF remains in power , everything se may gnaw relentlessly at my sanity but I do not care," he said.

Nomalisa Ncube said for as long as Fengu is interested in political dynamics of the nation holistically and Zanu PF remaining instead of every other opposition..he was not on a politics sabbatical.

"Just say you want the record to show you aren't openly supporting any faction. We all no a sabbatical will be the death of the little relevance you have gained over the years," she said.

Source - Byo24News