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Mthwakazi existed before Rhodesia- MRP

by Stephen Jakes
24 Apr 2016 at 07:05hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Republic Party President Mqondisi Moyo has dismissed the claims that his party was fight for the cessation of Mthwakazi from Zimbabwe saying the Mthwakazi State existed even before Rhodesia.

Addressing party members during the launch of the South African province in Yeovile South Africa Moyo said although currently they no longer have a State, they  know that sooner than later they shall realize their Statehood.

"So, while we work for the Restoration of our State, let us not let our enemies and detractors make us lose our nationhood. What happened to our State? It became a victim of rule by conquest by the British South African Company of Cecil John Rhodes. Who in hindsight seems to have worked closely with the British Parliament and the British crown either by design or by default?" Moyo said.

"Although subsequently the UN in correcting and righting past wrongs has declared such rule as being improper. This political correction has yet to be applied to the case of the Mthwakazi state. Part of the reason of cause being the fact that we the inheritors of that state are not clear about what we want.
Just like it happened with Southern Rhodesia and subsequently the Rhodesia Front of Ian Smith, the current Zimbabwe was not designed for you as the Sons and daughters of Mthwakazi."

He said however it was designed like the other preceding British sponsored régimes and to manage the people and the nation of Mthwakazi.

"Because on the entire continent of Africa it was only our fore fathers namaZulu who fought battles with the British effectively resulting in the death of some blue-blooded British men. So we are considered a brand of very dangerous savages that cannot be trusted with too much freedom. However, I have come here to announce that we want our state back, because like our forefathers we are able to rule ourselves," Moyo said.

"We do not need people from Zimbabwe to manage and supervise us.
Some people think that as MRP we are calling for a cessation of Mthwakazi from Zimbabwe! That is not true. We must remember that the state of Mthwakazi existed before there was the State of Rhodesia. And certainly it existed before there was Zimbabwe. The King, His Royal Highness, King Lobengula Khumalo had representatives in the days of the League of Nations, which was the forerunner of the United Nations."

Moyo said to secede is to break up a composite whole, but in their case, there was never a composite whole.

"There was s loose grouping of Shona Chiefs in MaShonaland, some of whom played tribute to the King on one side. And there was the well-organized government of INkosi uLobengula Khumalo on the other. Then came the BSAPC and Cecil Rhodes, forcibly joined the two entities creating a colony, therefore illegal entity called Rhodesia which has subsequently become Zimbabwe.
Neither our forefathers nor we as a collective have ever played a role in the creation of this entity," he said.

"Circumstances have forced us to stay in it, that is why we want out. Enough is enough! Ngamanzi ne oil: akuhlangani bakithi. When the children of Zimbabwe celebrated and carried Robert Mugabe on their shoulders. The same man and the British were laying plans for our genocide as Mthwakazi children, which left conservable more than 20,000 people dead for no other reason than that they were the sons and daughters of Mthwakazi," Moyo said.

"They did not care whether you were Nguni, Kalanga, Venda, Sotho, Shona, Nambya or Tonga. As long as you lived within those boundaries of Mthwakazi or you spoke IsiNdebele you were a target. Why must we restore our statehood as a state less nation?  To preserve our various cultures and traditions which have been relocated to the side in favor of cultures from Zimbabwe."

He said to build their state into a modern day democratic state including facilitating the reestablishment of our king and therefore aligning all chiefs under him for purposes of effectively accomplishing the first point and much more.

"Rebuilding our educational system with emphasis on using our own systems of democracy instead of all these borrowed systems from sub- primary to tertiary levels so that our entire population has skills which permit them to have a reasonable standard of living. To establish a working health system that incorporates our herbology and indigenous knowledge systems from primary health care to tertiary health care," he said.

"To build and maintain a state of the art road and rail network which links all the people of Mthwakazi using state of the art vehicles for public and private transport. To build a technology which allows us as the people of Mthwakazi to create goods and services which will be second to none. And more (You add other things outside the prepared speech). For us at MRP this is not a pipe dream. This will happen during our life time. During our life time we want to accomplish this objective using peaceful means. Because we feel that what we want does not belong to anyone but ourselves. We are not weak though.
None should take our striving for a peaceful solution as a sign of weakness
Because this is a cause we believe in and we shall do whatever is necessary to realize it."

Moyo said it's a cause we are even willing to lay down our lives to accomplish.

"So here you are displaced from the land of your birth right. Scavenging here for a living. When in your mother land there are plenty of natural resources. Either go untapped or they are exploited and stolen.We say no more to that and more than
That the British's surrogate state of Zimbabwe has done to us. We so not seek for revenge for all the injustices suffered. Education denied, Jobs denied
Health care denied. Descent accommodation and housing denied. Even life denied. No we do not seek revenge. We just want our state back. Because all of us as Mthwakazians, regardless of ethnicity. We want our state back," he said.

He said the Anthem of  Mthwakazi is Nkosi Sikelela.

"Mthwakazi Republic Party would like to advice AbeSizwe sikaMzilikazi kaMatshobana, that 18 April is just another day in Mthwakazi Calendar to fight on for the Restoration of our State. It's not worth it, to help Zimbabwe Celebrate its Independence while they continue to suppress and oppress us, He said.

"For the record Mthwakazi State was dismantled by the BSAP in 1893 after the war that saw our King Lobhengula disappearing until today, it has never been restored. After that we were bundled together with Mashonaland without our consent as Matabeleland/Mthwakazi to create Rhodesia which was later changed to current day Zimbabwe."

He said over the past 123 years Mthwakazi people have not known peace in their Life time.

"These are the people who have witnessed and survived two unprovoked Genocides meant to wipe them out of the face of this earth, first by the White Colonialists and now most recently by our fellow black men all of them had the same motivation which is to destroy this Great Nation called Mthwakazi. But God refused up to now that he has even raised us the younger generation to correct all this nonsense, rebuild the fallen Walls of Mthwakazi in our Life time and get Mthwakazi working again," he said.

"We are peace loving people, God created us for a purpose, we are Mthwakazi people for a purpose, we formed MRP for a purpose, God allowed it to grow this far for a purpose, God allowed Zimbabweans to fight among themselves while we close the ranks uniting towards the Restoration of our State for a purpose.
Mthwakazi Agenda has never been so real and seemingly achievable like it is now. Those who created the 1979 Grand Plan with the sole purpose of wiping out Ndebeles are today fighting among themselves, we promise them that they are in for a big shock of their lives."

Moyo said because they shall defeat them, they shall defeat their Satanic and Evil Grand Plan against them.

"This is the time Mthwakazi  to Unite and speak with one voice as we march forward to our Independence forward ever and backward never. There is not a single motivation, no good reason why we should celebrate Independence Day in Mthwakazi when we are yet to get our own. We acknowledge that our Elders who came before us fought for Independence, but we say the struggle continues because they didn't achieve the goal they fought for," he said.

"We understand they fought for Equality, peace, one man one vote, Respect of Human Rights, fair distribution of National resources, employment for ALL, education for ALL, and Development in all areas of the Country without fear or favor among other things.  We also understand that our War vets didn't fight for Tribalism, nepotism, self-enrichment, regionalism/marginalization of Mthwakazi, corruption, Shona Supremacy and Zanunisation of the economy and country at large."
He said Zanu PF 1979 grand plan must fall, nepotism must fall, corruption must fall, Shona Supremacy must fall, and Rule by Conquest must fall.

"Mthwakazi Restoration Agenda must win, Peace and justice in our life time must be our priority. Lastly but not least Mthwakazi lets be united and remain focused, as you might have seen it we are under siege from our neighbor Zimbabwe and if we are not careful we will lose the battle," Moyo said.

 "Now is the time not to see South Africa and or the rest of Diaspora as a best option for greener pastures, because the more you leave the more Zimbabweans come to occupy your space and it will be difficult to re occupy that space lets fight for what rightfully belongs to us Mthwakazi is our Fore Fathers Land and it is the only home we can fight for."

Source - Byo24News