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'Women are very ungrateful,' says Chivayo

by Staff reporter
24 Apr 2016 at 16:56hrs | Views
WICKNELL CHIVAYO described women as very ungrateful after being taken to task over why he does not dole out cash to the Mighty Warriors in the same way he splashes it on their male counterparts.

In an interview on the ZiFM programme The Platform on Thursday the controversial businessman appeared to talk himself into trouble for the umpteenth time.

During an exchange with host Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa on why he doesn't put the Mighty Warriors at par with the Warriors the 33-year old Chivayo said: "That's the problem…women are very ungrateful I am used to that."

Earlier Chivayo had revealed he will be buying Warriors skipper Willard Katsande a brand new car just to "excite him."
"Are you doing that for that Mighty Warriors captain too, you know they are doing very well, taking us to the Olympics?" asked Parirenyatwa.

"Well in the future yes but once I start buying a woman a car what is my girlfriend going to say… 'Are you serious, are you after this Mighty Warriors coach or what?'

"But Katsande is like my boy he texts me in the morning saying 'good morning boss, how are you boss, good afternoon boss," said Chivayo.

"But a girl can't text you and say good morning boss? Is that your explanation for not supporting the Mighty Warriors?" asked Parirenyatwa.

"But I am supporting them, their coach is driving a car I bought…," Chivayo hit back.
The businessman also backed Phillip Chiyangwa's assertion that the arrangement between the two of them is personal and has nothing to do with Zifa.

"What we agreed with Dr Chiyangwa is that whenever he needs money in the three years (that he is Zifa president) he will come and tell me.

"More often than not I say 'don't spend all the money on soccer even if you want to spend part of it I am giving you the authority to do that' and he is laughing saying 'Wicki I need to change the game'," he said.

Three weeks ago Chivayo announced he will be pulling out of his arrangement with Chiyangwa because of a factual story carried by this publication on April 3.

The story headlined 'Pasuwa's salary hell' factually reported that the Warriors gaffer had not been paid his salary for two months.
While admitting the story was on point Chivayo said he felt disrespected by its publication.

"With The Sunday Mail obviously I was very upset by the Pasuwa article. You know when you have done something that someone has ever done you feel you are the hero, like I did it.

"All I expected was for every other Zimbabwean to appreciate, so I felt this Sunday Mail reporter (Ishemunyoro Chingwere) was overzealous. He thought if he wrote the article he would put pressure on me to pay the money …that is why I backed off," he said.

Chivayo, who later made a u-turn after meeting with First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe, revealed he was also upset with Chiyangwa over the Pasuwa salary situation.

"I was very upset with him, Dr Chiyangwa, because I was feeling embarrassed. At my level I feel very disrespected when somebody says I have failed to pay $7000.

"And he explained listen you have been over performing…I can't be saying pay this, pay that every week. I mean which is very reasonable; he is the person who knows how much I have been performing.

"Anybody else can say what they want but if you ask Dr Chiyangwa he will say 'no, no the young man has been doing his best.'" said Chivayo.

Source - sundaynews