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Zanu PF confuse democracy with dictatorship- MRP

by Stephen Jakes
03 Jun 2016 at 05:50hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Republic party has accused the ruling Zanu PF for confusing democracy to dictatorship and injustice.

In a statement the MRP Youth Secretary General Kandaba Cornelius Luphahla said as Mthwakazi Republic Party they believe that a nation is a nation because of peace and justice enjoyed by its people.

He said this is also one and the same thing with what democratic countries are like.

"Surprisingly, in Zimbabwe the term democratic is defined as autocratic or dictatorship which far from each other.  This is seen for example through what is being done by the Zanu PF government to Mthwakazi as the nation on its own. Firstly, Zanu PF is forcing us as Mthwakazi to be under its satanic rule and not to rule ourselves as a free and independent nation. They are doing because they want to loot our wealth and take it to their own places leaving us suffering," he said.

"Mthwakazi people are living in fear because if they are are trying to fight against this oppressive Zimbabwean government to gain their freedom they are being persecuted by the Zanu PF agents which are the CIOs. This is so surprising because according to the law, CIOs are state security agents which that are there to sense enemies from outside the country but today Zanu PF has changed this and now CIOs are persecuting people inside."

He said as Mthwakazi Republic Party we don't know whether these persecuted people are now foreigners.

"Also for us as Mthwakazians they don't have to persecute us because its our right to fight for peace and justice in our life since we are in a democratic nation. Two weeks back Zanu PF and its followers where marching in Harare celebrating its failure to run the country and also its poverty and corruption. This is more than funny because you can not waste money and your energy through marching or compensating the marcher whilst people are dying of hunger and are still waiting for those 2,2 million jobs promised by Zanu PF and its propagandists," Luphahla said.

"Ironically, some people are trying to run away from the truth saying people were happy about the march whilst its clear that people were there because they knew that they can get something to eat since are hungry."

Luphahla said the bad part of this Zanu PF and its 1979 satanic grand plan is that our Mthwakazians fathers and mothers died for this country to get rid of this nonsense.

"Today it seems like they fought for Shonas to be independent whilst Mthwakazians are suffering, because from 1980 until today we are still butchered by the Shonas and its Zanu PF government. Meanwhile MRP is encouraged by the news of the conviction of former Chadian dictator. Hissene Habre's historic conviction sends a strong message to African dictators that one day they will be held accountable for their crimes especially Mugabe and his regime for the 1982 to 87 genocide. It was in did a historic event for international Justice," he said.

"As Mthwakazi Republic Party we are here to save our Mthwakazi people from the jaws of this Shonalised satanic autocratic Zanu PF rule."

Source - Byo24News
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