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Corruption in Mugabe's government should be a ground for revolt- analyst

by Stephen Jakes
05 Jun 2016 at 08:41hrs | Views
A political commentator Simbarashe Manhangaā€ˇ has said the current on going corruption established in the President Robert Mugabe's government should be a ground for the Zimbabweans to revolt against the government.

"This last May has shown how insensitive Zanu PF and Mugabe really are. We have heard of Udengegate (Samuel Undenge), Chinamasagate, Chikoregate, Chivhayogate ( Wicknell Chivhayo) all in one month. All these gates obviously impoverishes the people more but not a whiff from the Singaporean resident who globetrottes like there is no tomorrow," he said. "I wanted to say resident of state house but that would be lying because he sometimes visits that place now. What we are bound to is an uncaring admin hell bent on ensuring we are as poor as humanly possible."

He said Magufuli is busy dealing with corruption whilst our own Pan-Africanist president nurtures the same.

"All these gates should be ground for a revolt with people asking for accountability but not us Zimbabweans. We would rather watch national sponsored porn on newspapers and internet," he said.
Source - Byo24News

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