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Repentant Zanu PF activist warn leaders against how they treat those they lead

by Stephen Jakes
09 Jun 2016 at 06:46hrs | Views
A repentant Zanu PF activist Fidelis Fengu has warned his Zanu PF leaders to be careful on how they treat those they leader saying God entrusted them with the leadership to help his folk not to ill treat it.

Fengu claim to have changed from the unscrupulous behaviour he was known to be to be a christian.

"Dear Leaders , God entrusted you with his flock , the people are God's children and when they cry to their Father He will respond," he posted on his Facebook Wall.

"Be careful how you treat those under you."

He then quoted some words in the bible when a king saw a writing on the wall reading, Mene mene tekele fasi, which was interpreted by Danial to the king to mean, his days were numbered on earth. 

Source - Byo24News