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Bev teaches Zoey how to do it

by Bongani Ndlovu
13 Jun 2016 at 05:47hrs | Views
WHEN the student taught the teacher!

This is what happened when raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda showed her former 'tutor' Zoey Sifelani a thing or two on stage when they performed at Bulawayo's Private Lounge on Friday. Bev, who in 2011 broke away from Zoey and the Red Angels to form the Sexy Angels, left the crowd in awe on a night when they were the main acts.

Last week, Bev and Zoey showed the crowd a snippet of what they can do on stage when they're pitted together prompting management at the club to bring them back to be the main act.

At the beginning of the show, Bev and Zoey had said they wanted to show off the art of raunchy dancing, a genre according to them, they revolutionised in the country.

Initially, fans were split down the middle as to who would outshine the other on stage. Bev set the tone when she got on stage and had the crowd eating from her palm as her body movements left many spellbound as they watched in awe.

She showed her versatility with the help of the four-member Sexy Angels on stage. When Zoey went on stage, she decided to dance to hip hop and R&B and spin off the pole which she did with aplomb. While she was doing so, Bev was intensely scrutinising every move that Zoey was doing from the vantage point of the DJs booth, looking like she was plotting her next move to wow the crowd.

The crowd was urging and begging Zoey to undress to her bare minimums but she did not oblige as she went through her set.

The same was asked of Bev when she got on stage and she like Zoey did not give in but the difference was the entertainment value she brought on stage for the crowd. She was at her best, showing her versatility by dancing to a variety of music genres. Patrons were kept glued to her act due to her body flexibility.

No one dared move an inch as Bev went into climax with her act, proving that she had not only learnt from Zoey but has notes to share with her in terms of stage performance. Although she did not undress, people were calling Bev's name out when she was on stage while others were cheering her on.

Zoey had to resort to undressing a male patron on stage so that people would watch and enjoy her dance moves. So drunk was the male patron that he gave Zoey the keys to his body to do whatever she wanted, and she obliged by touching and caressing the man's privates.

The man got off stage with a smile from ear to ear, with his friends laughing at him.

During intervals and at the end of Bev and Zoey's dance off, the resident dancers Tatiana, Magnito, Nikki, Ginger and Shanon entertained revellers until the wee hours of Saturday morning. While Zoey remains the self-proclaimed queen of pole dancing, Bev has upped the game in adult entertainment.

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