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200 Lobengula Zanu PF youth registered for the housing stands

by Stephen Jakes
01 Jul 2016 at 05:18hrs | Views
In a development that exposes that the Miniter of Local Government Saviour Kasukuwere's much touted 20 000 housing stands are meant for only Zanu PF members, over 200 youths in Lobengula Bulawayo were reportedly registered by the party to benefit from the stands.

The revelations may mean that in each and every suburb if 200 party youths were registered like that it means all the 20 000 stands would benefit only the ruling party youths.

Zinmbabwe Peace Project reported that onn 21 May in Lobengula, Zanu PF officials led by District Secretary Felistas Taruvinga compiled a list of 200 party youths to be given land on the outskirts of Bulawayo by Minister Kasukuwere.

"She emphasised that the land was for Zanu PF youths only and no opposition members would get land. She ordered the youths to start campaigning now ahead of the 2018 elections or else Morgan Tsvangirai would take over the country and hand it to whites," reads the report.

"In Ward 14, Lobengula, Zanu PF officials held a meeting on 5 May at the residence of Henriette Dube the chairperson where they distributed 2 cups of rice to each of the non-members urging them to join Zanu PF. This caused disgruntlement among their own members who complained that their party was now feeding MDC-T members and leaving them out," ZPP reported.

"In ward 15 of Luveve war veteranss met on 19 May and denounced Minister Sandi Moyo accusing her of being the manager of Mujuru's campaigns. They accused her of receiving money and cars from Mujuru. In ward three, Bulawayo East on May 5 scores of vendors who had been evicted from their bays on the premise that the bays would be renovated and re-allocated complained that council was now discriminating against them. One of the vendors (name supplied), confronted Mayor Martin Moyo's representatives saying new faces were allocated bays ahead of them. They alleged corruption and bribery was used."

ZPP said the Mayor himself could not meet the vendors in person and they complained of being snubbed.

Source - Byo24News