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Mnangagwa using violence against opponents- MRP violent

by Stephen Jakes
05 Jul 2016 at 04:17hrs | Views
The Spokesperson for Mthwakazi Republic Party Mbonisi Gumbo has claimed that while the G40 faction in the ruling Zanu PF is using brains and plays its politics well, the Lacoste faction believed to be led by Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa seems to be upholding President Robert Mugabe's style of eliminating his opponents through violence.

"The reason why I sometimes think Prof Jonathan Moyo and his G40 have a better strategy than Lacoste is that G40 prefers to use brains and play their politrics well. While Mnangagwa and Lacoste seems to want to uphold Mugabe's strategy of killing, arresting and intimidating opponents which is not good in the 20first century its satanic," Gumbo said.

"I have been following Trump and Malema and I think these two guys knows how to bring journalists to their attention thus their strategy and they have made people to spend hours everyday debating their politics."

He said he thinks Lumumba also did well with his statement he didn't kill anyone he only said what people wants to hear simple anywhere who hasn't insulted Mugebe and Zanu PF with that word?

"The only difference is that sikhuluma kungela majournalists but laye angithi ubelilunga le Chipangano," he said.

Source - Byo24News