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Girl 18 already a mother of two

by Staff Reporter
08 Jul 2016 at 06:48hrs | Views
Harare Residents Trust has exposed a bizarre incident where an 18 year old girl born on 5 November 1998 is already a mother of two children, aged three years and the other one 19 months.

"The man responsible is a member of the Johanne Marange Apostolic Church in Marange Chirinda, and works for the Zimbabwe National Army. He has five wives including this underage girl. His third wife was responsible for locking her inside a room and left her with the man who then raped her, and the following day announced that she had become his fifth wife," said the trust.

"Concerned with the continued sexual abuse of this young girl, her mother's elder sister has intervened, and wants justice for her child. But she says arresting the abusive man is unreasonable because he has five uneducated wives, and 18 young children to look after."

The trust said angered by the situation, the auntie received reports that their girl was being sexually abused by Church elders who accused her of not bearing more children for the man, something considered a disgrace in their Church.

"She then took the rare opportunity she had and took the child to a health centre and had her put on a contraceptive which made it impossible to conceive in the next three years. After realising that his latest wife was no longer falling pregnant the husband took her to Church elderly women who then used sticks to insert them in her private parts as a way of trying to find out why she was no longer falling pregnant," said the trust.

"Some of the wives then saw that the abuse was excessive, and made contact with her auntie for urgent help, resulting in the young girl being helped to escape from this forced marriage where she and her fellow wives were living like captives. She reported that they were rarely allowed to go to the shops, and they are technically helpless because they do not have any skills to help them sustain their own lives."

The trust said now the young lady is safe with her aunt and she needs to obtain birth certificates and national id for herself and her two children.

"She also needs to make contact with her own mother who is married elsewhere. The father is late," the trust said.

"Human beings must live like human beings, and not treat others like criminals. The young girl, now a mother of two, wants to start school, from primary until secondary and dreams of being a nurse."

Source - Byo24News