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MDC official urge all Zimbabweans to join tomorrow strike

by Stephen Jakes
12 Jul 2016 at 20:42hrs | Views

The MDC led by Welshman Ncube's official Discent Collins Bajila has urged all Zimbabweans to join in the stay away to push the ruling Zanu-PF to bow to pressure and implement policies which will end the suffering of majority citizens.

In his Facebook post, Bajila said, "Beloved Zimbabweans, I Discent Collins Bajila do hereby appeal to all of you to join the massive Shut Down set for 13 and 14 July 2016. Stay at home. Vow to be peaceful and nonviolent but defiant and brave."

He said Zimbabwe is everyone's  country.

"Today it has been looted to the core. We owe it to our children to fix the rot. We owe it to our founding father Joshua Nkomo to rebuild a Zimbabwe that he envisaged. We can and should surpass the imagination of ubaba uNkomo. Unfortunately we can't do anything when we work without certainty of remuneration. We can't enjoy the fruits of our God given minerals when billions and billions of mineral revenue can disappear without trace," he said.

"The kakistocrats have survived this long because they feed on our silence and our temptation to use violence when we get fed up. Tomorrow is that day when you and I should raise this flag and say Sesijikile madoda. Ukujika esesikwenzile yikuthi this time we will talk to them without fear but in peace. Stay home. Stay peaceful. Izenzo kungemazwi. Mayibuye!"

Source - Byo24News