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'Mugabe must resign petition' takes social media by storm

by Staff Reporter
24 Jul 2016 at 07:54hrs | Views
The MDC led by Welshman Ncube working with a number of Civil Society and Community Based Organisations has put up an online petition requesting President Robert Mugabe to resign. The petition has generated lots of discussion around Social Media websites like facebook and twitter.

"We met as Zimbabweans not as politicians to discuss the Zimbabwean crisis and honestly speaking, the general sentiment, feeling and mood of our discussion was that time for talking, chitchatting and babbling is over, it is now time to ask Mugabe to step down"- said Shephard Dube, MDC's Youth National Organiser

"We call on every Zimbabwe to sign it, Mr Robert Mugabe and his government are an embarrassment to African people. It is time for them to do the honourable thing and step down." - added Dube

"We the people of Zimbabwe, united in our diversity;

RECALLING our history which has been characterized by political and constitutional instability;

RECOGNIZING our struggles against the forces of corruption, unemployment, poverty, tyranny, oppression and exploitation;

COMMITTED to building a better future by establishing a socio-economic and political order through a popular and Multi-Stakeholder Transitional Government based on the principles of unity, peace, equality, democracy, freedom, social justice and progress;

EXERCISING our sovereign and inalienable right to determine the form of governance for our country;

DOHEREBY request President Robert Mugabe to step down as President of Zimbabwe. He has nurtured unprecedented class warfare characterized by poverty, starvation, unemployment, corruption and gross Human Rights abuses. He has disrespected, undermined and compromised the sovereignty of Zimbabwe.

We are asking Mugabe to resign immediately to make way for a Transitional Multi-stakeholder Authority that will preserve the integrity of our nation."- Reads the petition

The petition can be signed on:

Source - Byo24News