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Mystery fires torment Gweru family

by Patrick Chitumba
03 Sep 2016 at 09:31hrs | Views
A FAMILY at a house in Mkoba's Village 13 in Gweru is living in fear after a mysterious fire recently started from an egg and destroyed property, one of many strange blazes at the property since 2013. The frightening occurrences at the house sometimes force the family to sleep in the open.

On Thursday, the family alleges that a mysterious egg under a bed triggered the fire that destroyed a bed, blankets, a television set, electrical appliances, a kitchen unit, chairs, the bedroom's roof and windows.

The Fire Brigade said the latest fire, which is said to have started at around 12PM, "did not add up."

When news crew visited Number 1225/2 Mkoba Village 13 yesterday, the owner of the two-roomed house, Mr Philip Hlabati, said he was convinced that the egg that was under the bed was the source of the fire. He said the mysterious fires have been tormenting his family since 2013.

"As you can see, the house was burnt by a fire on Thursday. Property in the bedroom and kitchen was burnt as you can see and we have nothing," he said.

"In the morning (Thursday) we saw an egg under the bed. We didn't have eggs in the house and it's not possible that the egg could have rolled from the kitchen. Worse I don't have chickens. Next thing around 12 midday, the fire started from the bed and spread throughout the house. We lost the bed, blankets, electrical gadgets and food."

Mr Hlabati said in 2013, their house was once engulfed by a fire which started from a travelling bag that was on top of a wardrobe.

He said he had no solution to the bizarre fires as he had even tried praying to no avail.

"The Fire Brigade was called in but by the time they arrived, most of the property had been destroyed. They also said they were puzzled as to how the fire started," he said.

"The room is as it is with the burnt stuff. It's rather awkward that I have to share the kitchen with my grown daughter because we are not using the bedroom since this is a two-roomed house.

"After the fire started some people said they had seen an egg fall from the roof accompanied by a note saying, "Hausati watanga" (You will suffer). But we looked for the letter and we haven't seen it. So I don't know what is happening. This is all a mystery to us and we need assistance as a matter of urgency."

A neighbour, Mr Andrew Takada they were no longer surprised by the odd fires.

"We were shocked when the first fire was first reported in 2013, but from there on, we have just been watching. Something is wrong. No one in the area can explain the origins of the fire. We are all baffled," he said.

Gweru Chief Fire Officer, Mr Emmanuel Musemwa, said they were called to the house on Thursday, but the cause of the fire remains unknown.

"We tried linking the fire with electricity or to some other negligence but it didn't add up. It's not an electrical fault. So the cause is unknown. We hear strange things happen at that house and fires mysteriously start," he said.

Source - chronicle