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Sangoma takes sex muti to salons for one minute men

by Staff reporter
27 Sep 2016 at 18:35hrs | Views
A WOMAN who claims to be a Sangoma of Malawian origin is going around town claiming to possess the solution to men lasting longer in bed.

H-Metro came across her as she preached her ‘gospel' in a salon in Harare where men had come for haircuts.

Elube Nyamula, who stays in Bhobho, Mabvuku claimed she can help men endure in bed describing most of them as ‘toothless bulldogs' who are failing to make their wives reach orgasm.

She said most of her clients are men and their concern is about short ‘lifespan' during sex.

She said men are hunting her traditional pills as hot cakes, which forced her to conclude that most of them are embarrassed by their failure in bed.

Nyamula, however, brags the problem becomes a thing of the past for anyone who bothers to look for her.

H-Metro spotted the woman in the capital on Saturday where she was selling her tablets, approaching anyone walking in the streets of Harare.

"I am the one who manufactures these pills and everything I use is from Malawi," she said.

"I am a traditional healer from Malawi but here I stay in Bhobho, Mabvuku and I only visit town when I am selling my stuff. People usually come to my place of residence.

"I have noted that a number of men are struggling to please their women and this has been bothering me. But that becomes a thing of the past when you take these pills.

"When I move around I give people my number and most of my calls are from men and the problem is of endurance during sex," she said.

Though she said her medicine can heal any ailment or weakness, she said a bigger number of her clients are men.

"This medicine cleans the system, whenever the system is not well you will never please your woman in bed but whenever you take this you are okay.

"Murume anofanira kuita weti inowira more than a metre away kwete inowira mumakumbo.

"That has been the root cause of adultery, whenever a man buys my medicine, I only give him 12 hours anenge atova njanji. It is common that during sex, the first round is for a man but most of them can't even endure a second round but with this you can go as far as five or even ten depending on your sexual desire.

"However, even women or men who are suffering from any ailment I can also help them."

Nyamula said her medicine is selling like hot cakes and she will be leaving for Malawi to avoid inconveniencing her clients.

"As I said before, I use herbs and a number of things from forests in Malawi to make these pills so with the rate they are selling; I have to leave to avoid inconveniences."

Sex enhancement drugs, which include, herbs or pills are being displayed on the streets of Harare with vendors making good business.

Source - hmetro
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