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Mine Invaders likely to have generated $3m in businessman's mine

by Stephen Jakes
09 Oct 2016 at 10:06hrs | Views
Gold ore
A Kadoma businessman has claimed that some invaders of his mine are likely to have so far generated over $3 million in gold sales from his mine which he is embroiled in legal wrangle with a top government official.

The businessman James Nyamarebvu is embroiled in a bitter mine wrangle with the government official in the Information ministry Regis Chikowore and their case is pending at the High Court.

Nyamarebvu said Chikowore ordered his people to invade his mine and as a result he has been blocked from accessing it and efforts to have them removed yielded no fruits.

He said he had invested over $75 000 at the mine but now he appears to be a loser.

"From affidavits I have, these guys must have realised more $3m from my mine," he said.

"Chikowore has been paying 3 armed guards from ExCop security company 24,hrs a day guarding my mine and to shoot me if ever I came to my mine. I have escaped death from these guards several times I tried to visit my mine."

He said they were arrested only once for pointing a gun to my employee.

"The last day I went to my mine, we left the place running because Aaron Chikowore told us Regis had ordered soldiers to come and chase us away. Right now they are mining in my mine pretending to be digging holes to fence my mine.they have used detectors to site the holes. I don't know where they are depositing all the gold they got and

Source - Byo24News