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Hands off Jonathan Moyo

by Thobekile Zhou
12 Oct 2016 at 09:03hrs | Views
A Harare based socio-political commentator Rejoice Ngwenya has come out guns blazing in defence on under siege Higher Education Minister Jonathan Moyo.

Moyo is accused of benefitting from close to $270 000 which was corruptly syphoned out of Zimdef by ministry and fund official.

Part of the money was used to procure bicycles for chiefs in Tsholotsho.

At the weekend Moyo admitted to embezzling the funds but said he channelled them towards a national event.

 Ngwenya, just like Moyo believes his persecution is tribal.

He questioned on his facebook page why other senior governments officials who are not from Moyo's tribe and  long fingered in multi-million dollar fraud cases are jailed.

Below is his take :

#StillStealing - I hear Professor Jonathan 'Robin Hood' Moyo has been accused of 'abusing' $400 000 for the benefit of ZANU.PF.

 Now, we have heard reports that people like Reward Kangai (NetOne); Godwills Masimirembwa (no fixed corporate abode) and many others like Gideon Gono (former Reserve Bank Governor) - have been 'associated' with millions - nay - billions of monies unaccounted for.

Hey, only this year Robert Mugabe claimed that he can't find fifteen billion dollars worth of diamonds, then his nephew (Walter Chidhakwa) closed all the funny mines.

Jonathan Moyo is a Ndebele clown who decided to support Mugabe, but then changed his mind and acknowledged that Emmerson Mnangagwa's Gukurahundi killed his father, so he wants to give him (his father, NOT Mnangagwa, dummy!) a decent burial.

Shortly after announcing the burial plan, Goodson Nguni (former convict and now Corruption activist) with a bone to chew with Jonathan wants him locked up.

 I am not a tribalist, but this whole things stinks of tribalism.

 If Kangai, Masimirembwa, Gono, Mhlanga etc are NOT in jail - #LeaveJonathanAlone .. nxaa!

Source - Byo24News