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'Sipepa Nkomo good at noticing that which will be greater' - MDC Official

by Stephen Jakes
17 Oct 2016 at 06:32hrs | Views
An MDC party official Discent Collins Bajila has described former People's Democratic Party Vice President Samuel Sipepa Nkomo who recently defected to ZimPF as a go with the crowd person who is good at noticing what will be greater than what he has.

Nkomo recently lefty the PDP and joined Joice Mujuru's party.

"When the MDC split on 12 October 2005, Dr Samuel Siphepha Nkomo remained with us. He went on to be our candidate for the Tsholotsho-Hwange Senatorial Constituency on the 26th of November 2005. He lost to ZANU PF," Bajila said'

"Soon after that he crossed the floor to the then anti-Senate group and became one of the most fierce behind the scenes of Welshman Ncube. This is one position and characteristic he has consistently maintained up to this day."

He said to him the major difference between Nkomo and Ncube is that Nkomo believes in the cowardly IsiNdebele cliché "Hamba labanqobi".

"He is good at noticing that which will be greater than what he has and would rather jump to that which will be bigger than try to build what he already has. His move from MDC to anti-Senate MDC was a great and accurate calculation that anti-Senate will get him to power closer than what the MDC could do," he said.

"31 March 2008 proved him right. In 2014, him and others did the unthinkable. They stood up against a man who had given them the fame they so much want. It was like spiritual sons standing against their spiritual father. Tendai Biti even assured them that if the spiritual father took the thrones of fame away from just one of them he will rename himself. " If they (MDCT) manage to have just one of our MPs expelled from Parliament, I will change my name to Morgan Mugabe" roared Mr Biti. Two years down the line none of those people are in Parliament and he is still Tendai Laxton Biti."

"You should have been with me in the MDC office on that sunny 2013 afternoon when Mrs Sipepa whose Tsholotsho North victory was being challenged in court by ZANU PF walked slowly into the MDC offices to drop papers that MDC Tsholotsho North candidate Sethulo Ndebele was to sign in support of her defence case. It was a sorry sight more so for those who understand how much private hatred the Sipepas have for Welshman Ncube, anything he leads and by extension anything well thought out."

He said the Sipepa calculator seems to have disappointed him now and he has taken drastic steps in line with his "Hamba labanqobi" philosophy. He has crossed over to Zimbabwe People First.

"From People's Democratic Party Deputy President, Nkomo could be Zimbabwe People First Deputy President and life will continue. These are the observations and lessons we learn everyday from the elders of our nation and our society," he said.

"I am of a strong rural background and I see many things from a rural perspective. Those who have problem with that asazi. This political season is a COALITION season. Some go to negotiate and never come back. As a villager my question : Izulu lithwele uyalibona lizakuna kakhulu. Inkomo zakho azaneli ukuthi wenze isipani uyelima. Indoda ethi woza silimisane layo ilenkomo ezintathu. Zonke yazintshontsha kuwe. Uyesaba ukuyibuza ngoba iyathakatha. Uzalimisana layo na?"

Source - Byo24News