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Crisis looms as water shortages worsen

by Staff Reporter
19 Oct 2016 at 18:04hrs | Views
Water experts say the drying up of water sources poses a major crisis to the region and Zimbabwe in particular as it will escalate water shortages, reduce power generation and increase food insecurity throughout the country.

The mighty Zambezi River is a lifeline for Southern Africa and reports indicate that the source is drying up.

Zimbabwe generates power from the Zambezi River at the Kariba Hydro Power Station and now finds itself wondering as to the future of the expansion project currently underway in Kariba.

Water engineer and SADC Water and Sanitation Coordinator, Mr Takudzwa Noel Mushamba said water is key to any national development and its scarcity has multiple negative effects on communities and the industry at large.

Oxfam Water and Sanitation Expert, Lynn Chiripamberi said the drying up of water sources such as dams, rivers and tributaries have seen both urban and rural communities facing water shortages, exposing them to unsafe drinking water and in some cases forcing people to walk long distances to fetch water.

A local non-governmental organisation, Action 24 Director, Mr Archibold Chemhere said dwindling surface and underground water is posing a huge challenge to the agriculture sector, causing food insecurity especially in communities that rely on rain feed agriculture.

Faced with such a looming crisis, experts said governments must prioritise water infrastructure development to avert a crisis.

Source - ZBC