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Tsvangirai MP fumes at thieving Mugabe police officers

by Wangu Mazodze
26 Oct 2016 at 07:18hrs | Views
BEITBRIDGE - MDC T Member of Parliament for Beitbridge East is pondering on his next move after an unmotivated provocation by police officers who ransacked his Dulibadzimu home in the border town.

After the burning of the Zimra warehouses in July, an act corrupt officials routinely do to conceal evidence of their looting, an 80 member contigent of police officers reinforced by Zanu PF militias raided and looted the home of Mr. Morgan Ncube who was out of town on the day.

Firing living ammunition in the air, overzealous police thugs destroyed doors and broke windows as they illegally gained accesss.

Tenants in the property were harassed and some received lightining spark hot claps in the process including a pregnant woman who miscarried and is believed to have since died in South Africa.

Counting his losses, the youthfull legislator was gravely concerned by the balant thuggery and disregard for property rights.

"These thugs took a number of my personal items, $3740, R12600, two bottles of imported whiskey, sixteen full chickens and some game meat from the fridge, my sjambock, personal clothes including underwear, condoms and sanitary pads that were meant for distribution, my friend's passport , my laptop and a host of other personal stuff."

Mr. Morgan Ncube is no stranger to police brutality. He has been arrested on trumped up charges 13times since he founded the MDC with others and in all instances had been found not guilty by the courts.

Im 2001, Ncube was kidnapped by suspected security agents and dumped in Gonarezhou National Park. With his blood soaked body, his clothes dripping blood with a strong stench that appetised the fauna to a satiating hominid meal, the unfeasted Ncube made his way out alive.

It is this daring escape that earned him the monicker "GANDANGA MUSANGO" a name that foes and allies alike use to address him.

Gandanga invited the ire of his Zanu PF rivals when during his tenure as Ward 3 councillior installed the first traffic lights in Beitbridge and banned Mr. Kembo Mohadi's donkey drawn scotch carts from selling oranges in the town without a permit.

In as much as Beitbridge residents have grave concern about the security of their represantative of choice, Gandanga is unfazed and unmoved in his resolve to decimate Zanu PF influence in Matabeleland South Province.

Called for comment, the ZRP communications office for Beitbridge confirmed the scuffle at the home of Mr. Ncube but was non - commital.

 "Yes I am aware that such an issue happened and we has been trying to locate Mr. Ncube to resolve this matter. The officers who invaded his home had been transfered to other stations and we are a new batch not familiar with what really transpired. We dont want trouble and we were advised upon deployment to be careful in our relations with the aforementioned political quantum."

Gandanga is still consulting his lawyers on the way forward.

Pressed for comment on the possibility of Mdc T internal politics having a hand in his troubles the Mdc T organising department superemo stuck to his guns insisting that his woes are state sponsored.

Source - Wangu Mazodze writing from Beitbridge