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Sulu Chimbetu struggles to pay potatoes debt

by Liberty Dube
01 Feb 2016 at 13:48hrs | Views
MUWI Village headman in Nyanga, Landmine Madongonda is yet to receive the full amount of money he is owed by dendera musician, Suluman Chimbetu, Nyanga Magistrates Court heard recently.

The civil matter pitting heir to the dendera throne and Madongonda, who is a sungura musician, dates back to October 2013 when Chimbetu bought potato seed from Madongonda on credit.

Madongonda filed his case at Nyanga Magistrates' Court (Case Number 132/14) on December 19, 2014.

His affidavit stated that he sold the Nyuchi hit-maker potato seed worth $3 600 and they agreed that Madongonda would be paid $300 every Tuesday by the Orchestra Dendera Kings management.

Sulu's brother, Ali who was part to the agreement appended his signature.

Since then, Madongonda told Nyanga magistrate, Ignatio Mhene, that he has been struggling to receive his balance which is now more than $1 500 with costs.

Madongonda filed a notice to plead which would be heard in seven days after Sulu, who was represented by a lawyer from Muvingi and Mugadza Legal Practitioners, filed opposition papers.

However, in an interview recently, Madongonda said he was now being emotionally tormented by the multi-award winning musician who seems to be reluctant to settle the balance.

He claimed he initially received $20 from Sulu last year which he said was for fuel to travel back to Nyanga after he had travelled to Harare in a bid to recover his first $300.

"I later received $600 which came in two batches through Ecocash transactions before I received another $500. I have been struggling to recover my balance. I have been travelling to Harare several times, but it seems he is reluctant to pay me my balance.

"It is quite disturbing that at one time recently when I asked him for money and he told me that I was now a nuisance. He actually labeled me a Gamatox. Although I have received half of the money, I have incurred a lot of costs in trying to recover my money," he said.

When contacted for comment, Sulu initially denied knowing "anything about that matter."

When asked if he labeled Madongonda "Gamatox" he dodged and referred all questions to his lawyers.

"I don't know anything about it. Talk to my lawyers for more information," he said before hanging up.

Source - Manica Post
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