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Statement in relation to Matebeleland international society by UKMNCP

12 Dec 2016 at 17:00hrs | Views
Today, an online publication carried an interview with a Mr MacMillan Ndlovu of Matebeleland International Society on Mthwakazi Referendum, in particular, and on Mthwakazi independence, in general.

While we welcome Matebeleland International Society to the United Kingdom of Matebeleland's restoration agenda, in particular, and to the growing Mthwakazi politics in general, we have cause on this occasion to issue this Statement to correct Matebeleland International Society specifically with regard to the so-called Jameson Line and Mthwakazi symbols - Mthwakazi flag and Mthwakazi National Anthem etc.

The so-called Jameson Line was a 'victor's' line that created an artificial demarcation inside an Ndebele State (presently called Zimbabwe) in which there was no Mashonaland and no Matebeleland but only the Ndebele State ruled by Ndebele King, King Lobhengula Khumalo, as successor to the founder of the Ndebele State (presently called Zimbabwe), King Mzilikazi Khumalo.

References to the Jameson Line in relation to Mthwakazi politics, in general, and to the United Kingdom of Matebeleland restorationist agenda, in particular, must therefore be made with appropriate qualifiers at all times. Unless this is the case, references to it must be avoided by all Mthwakazi groups until uMthwakazi, properly constituted as a State or quasi-State, takes the decision on border and boundary issues between the United Kingdom of Matebleland and the new Zimbabwe, including the so-called Jameson Line if that 'line' is an issue at all in future Mthwakazi politics and the United Kingdom of Matebeland State.

This Statement neither contradicts nor is it antagonistic to the principles of Mthwakazi independence and an Mthwakazi referendum enunciated in Matebeleland International Society's interview, and to Matebeleland International Society itself as a political or think-tank organization supporting the United Kingdom of Matebeleland restoration agenda. Welcome to the struggle brothers and sisters, fellow countrymen. Bantwana beNkosi!

With regard to Mthwakazi symbols - Mthwakazi flag and Mthwakazi National Anthem etc – it is important to underline that any such present designs – are, and must be, party or organization-affiliated only, and not purport to be those of the United Kingdom of Matebeleland. This is also true of this Platform issuing this Statement. The design of Mthwakazi National Symbols will be made by the United Kingdom of Matebeleland – properly so constituted – as a State of quasi-State entity at the appropriate time. All present designs - in their variety and quirkiness - are certainly most welcome. They are part of Mthwakazi's intellectual capital which will be archived and left for future Mthwakazi generations to admire.

Finally, issues of political timelines and political milestones of the United Kingdom of Matebeleland's restoration shall also be determine by the United Kingdom of Matebeleland properly constituted as a State or quasi-State at the appropriate time.

The United Kingdom of Matebeleland National Consultative Platform is a consultative platform of uMthwakazi constituted as such, and for the purpose.

Source - UKMNCP