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MLF responds to Job Sikhala

by David Magagula
17 Dec 2016 at 07:07hrs | Views
Thank you Mr Job Wiwa Sikhala for the inquiry on Mthwakazi. I am David Magagula answering as MLF Policy and strategy Secretary. I will be guided by MLF constitution,Policy Document and Code of Conduct in answering very honestly all your questions.

(1) There are as many grievances as can be observed from the day Mthwakaz Mthwakazi lost her independence and freedom in 1894 when the combined BSAP and Shona batsmen conquered us. The fact that Mthwakazi was independent makes us want the completion of the De colonization process. It is the right of every citizen of the world to be free.  Mthwakazi has that right as well. But has never been allowed that opportunity. What you also need to understand is that no matter what treatment we (Mthwakazi people) have received from Zimbabwe and Mugabe, we would still want out on basis that we are not Zimbabweans, we don't have a place in Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans are not Mthwakazians and they too don't have a place in Mthwakazi. So there's no way we could remain bundled together by the fraudulent 1923 British referendum. People have always misinterpreted our exit from Zimbabwe as based on the treatment we have received from Zimbabwe, which includes Gukurahundi/Mthwakazi Genocide, marginalisation etc, No. That's not true. Yes we have suffered the wrath of Zimbabwe and the most painful thing on that, being that Zimbabwe have disrespected the existing border between us and them and persecuted us right in our backyard, because of the imposed powers they received from our former colonial master Britain.

(2)There is no support to be triggered from any corners. Every Mthwakazian know who they are and cannot doubt our need for our country.

(3) There as having stated earlier, our grievances can be resolved by only liberating our country. As Mthwakazians we are not interested in ruling Zimbabwe and we don't want to be ruled by them in the same manner we refused to be ruled by Britain.

(4) There are no mechanisms to reverse these because of the Grand plan. No mechanisms can reverse that we are not Zimbabweans. We are the scam of Zimbabwe and have resolved NOT to go back. Now all your questions add up to whether the UN can accept our demands. To that I recommend you to read again and not confuse AU and UN. Yes there is total resonance in our people ,only those pretending not be part of us for personal gains associated with so doing. It is not reversible. UN has different views and statutes as they say any oppressed can be free as this is their right, and whether or not the AU or the UN approves of our demands, the Mthwakazi Independence issue is not a bet, to choose whether to go for or oppose but it is simply a demand and surely a demand. In some way those who would have chosen to oppose will be forced to go for it. As for Zimbabwean Constitution, we are not bound by the Zimbabwean Constitution because we are NOT Zimbabweans. If the Zimbabwean Constitution does not apply to Mozambicans, how then can it apply to Mthwakazi people. Geographically We share a border with them just as they share border with the Mozambicans, we do not belong together. Politically, they were imposed on us they are not our leaders, we did not fight alongside them in the flawed Liberation struggle for "Zimbabwe" and we have never voted for them, we live as a colonized lot since we never agreed to being part of that. As a parting shot Sir, Shonas or Zimbabweans have never defeated us at war and we say they can never defeat us Come rain Come Snow.


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Source - David Magagula