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Dokora must resign for creating confusion

by Jacob Mafume PDP Spokesperson
07 Feb 2017 at 12:20hrs | Views
The PDP is concerned with the confusion that is still rocking schools since the premature introduction of the new curriculum by Douglas Dokora.

We note with concern that more than a month has elapsed since schools opened but teachers, parents and pupils are still unsure of what to do. No solution seems to be on the cards but instead the Minister and his team seem to believe the dust shall settle with time.

The reckless introduction of the new curriculum is one of the many disastrous moves that Dokora has made. He has created a messy around Teachers incentives, compulsory education Diplomas, relief teachers and holiday lessons among other issues since his appointment.

Recently he created a crisis when he introduced a mandatory online application system for pupils enrolling for form one studies oblivious of the fact that most rural schools are not even online and that  parents have no internet access which is not even surprising considering most government departments are still struggling to go online including basics like websites.
As if that is not enough Dokora has now imposed a new curriculum arguing that he was implementing a 1999 research by the Nziramasanga Commission.

Parents are now held between choosing to buy a packet of maize meal and or the 16 books new books needed for their child.

Teachers are now supposed to teach the so-called mass displays which most of them are confusing for ones they watched in a Korean opera, most satellite schools do not even have open spaces for these to accommodate such an activity when it is said to be compulsory.

ICT studies even in their nobility have been introduced in a way that will create serious disparities between the rural student and the urban pupil.

Most rural schools have no electricity or internet let alone computer laboratories .The demand to have all pupils armed with a smart phone is also unrealistic as most parents will not afford owing to the unpalatable economic hardships that our people have been exposed to for decades by the incompetent ZANUPF regime. We are not even mentioning the unavailability of a virtual monitoring framework to protect kids from cyber p*rnography and other harmful online sites.

The Ministry has failed dismally to train teachers and equip them with knowledge of the additional subjects that Dokora has introduced, to sum it up it is just but a dog's breakfast ,it does not smell good and no one must be forced to eat.
Dokora has failed in absolute terms and must just resign together with his fellow ZANUPF cronies, in a cabinet of tired recycled Ministers Dokora has just but proved to be the worst.

The PDP suggests the following:
The authorities must swallow their pride and call an all inclusive stakeholders meeting urgently and resort back to the 2016 curriculum.
Address the grievances of the teachers including the unconditional payment of their bonuses.
Resource for a new curriculum before a proper introduction, resources must include supporting infrastructure.
Make proper adjustments since the basis of the introduction of the new curriculum is a research that is almost two decades old.
A proper stakeholder's engagement must be done including proper training of teachers.
Special support must be given to rural schools, pupils and teachers including pay and non pay incentives for the teachers.
As we mention in HOPE, improve the supervisory systems and procedures to ensure a high standard and quality of tuition.
Offer attractive packages to encourage the return of trained teachers who left the country.

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Source - PDP
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