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Kasukuwere admitting to Zanu-PF messy not good enough - PDP

by Jacob Mafume PDP Spokesperson
10 Feb 2017 at 13:41hrs | Views
The recent statement made before parliament by Saviour Kasukuwere in which he confessed that ZANUPF is involved in illegal land deals is an indictment on his part and that of ZANUPF at large including Robert Mugabe.

Kasukuwere is a top leader in ZANUPF who has capacity to stop grassroots members from doing outside the law if the political will is there.

By confessing before the parliamentary committee he was just but playing politics and pretending to be a saint when he is at the centre of the scheme. The People's Democratic Party is aware of the fact that the so-called culprits embarked in land deals with Kasukuwere's blessings or the blessings of Chombo who was in charge of the Ministry before.

We are aware that ZANUPF organized cartels of land barons, shady cooperative societies and dubious development companies are part of their new state machinery of patronage, they are just but well rehearsed drills of electoral fraud and power retention.

Evidence is there for everyone to see, ZANUPF linked characters like Chiyangwa, Fredrick Mabamba, Godfrey Gomwe and Chombo himself have been involved in many battles in the courts for illegal unapologetic land grabbing.

He pretends to care about desperate home seekers when his government is the sole creator of those problems, their role in creating homelessness includes impoverishing the Zimbabwean people for decades as well as ruthless political decisions to evict people including during the infamous Murambatsvina.

Government incompetence, recklessness and lack of concern does not start and end with the issue of cooperatives it also centers around infinite evictions, land allocations on for construction on wetlands with developments such as Long-Chen Plaza being state approved and archaic urban development strategies like building across in an era where high-rise building strategies are a solution to the ever growing population.

Recently Chiredzi Town Council announced that there were in urgent need of 6000 more hectares of land to expand their housing area.

The pointers demand a paradigm shift in thinking and a departure from an ancient mind set which Kasukuwere and his government continue to shamelessly display. There is need to develop our human resource base with training that equip them with state-of-the-art skills, expertise on modern infrastructure technology and urban planning methods.

We are however aware of the fact that Kasukuwere and his friends stand to benefit from their own mediocrity therefore remain half-hearted in fighting the corrupt systems they created in the housing sector of Harare.

The people of Zimbabwe must stand up against such kind of leadership; pressurize them both in the streets and in the courts of law. Only when ZANUPF is liquidated will sanity be restored and our cities will start to make progress in the quest to catch up with the modernity of the world.


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Source - Jacob Mafume PDP Spokesperson