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Zanu-PF succession fight, NO to a war

by PDP
22 Feb 2017 at 13:18hrs | Views
The People's Democratic Party notes with concern that Mugabe and ZANU-PF are determined to drag ZIMBABWE into a civil war.

Mugabe's recent utterances in which he denigrated his deputies, defining them as unfit to hold office if he leaves is not only reckless but must not be said at a volatile stage which if not managed; the delicate issue of transition will result into the unfolding of chaos.

The fact that Mugabe criticized everyone while heaping praise on his wife shows that he has already made up his mind, anointing his wife and recklessly choosing to impose a dynastic arrangement on the citizens of Zimbabwe.

Grace lacks the capacity to lead and has no defendable stature, even at least respect from any corner of society. Any reasonable individual will obviously oppose a move which is aimed at her taking over the reins and sadly this includes the lacoste faction.

The fact that the lacoste faction includes the military junta makes it dangerous for Mugabe to try and impose his wife in a process which must normally be determined by a democratic election.Mugabe has always deprived the people of Zimbabwe their right to freely choose.

The recent utterances by Godfrey Tsenengamu are evidence that the succession wars in ZANUPF are a danger to many Zimbabwean lives, his utterances must be taken seriously.

The current environment is volatile; it has many ingredients for a civil war. The toxic hate speech exchanged everyday across the ZANUPF factions is at the same level with that witnessed before the Genocide in Rwanda.

As we mentioned in both HOPE and ARREST Zimbabwe needs a National Transitional Authority which must be establish to buy peace for the citizens.

We mention in ARREST that part of the NTA's work must be to ensure a peaceful transition from the current authoritarian set up to a proper democratic environment where people are free to pursue happiness.

It is our strong view that the political fighting mode that Zimbabwe has been exposed to for a very long time is a recipe for war and bloodshed.

Experience has taught us that once a country plunges into civil unrest and a war erupts it is very hard to recover; the case of Libya is one example which must give us lessons and demand that an NTA be established to avoid our nation being plunged into war by Mugabe who lacks any care for the Zimbabwean people.

Together another Zimbabwe is Possible


Source - PDP