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PDZ condemns xenophobic upheavals in South Africa

by PDZ
24 Feb 2017 at 17:14hrs | Views

Xenophobia press statement

Progressive Democrats of Zimbabwe is a political party and an alternative government recognised under the Zimbabwe electoral laws. The Party is build upon the values of human rights, respect, love and respect of human dignity. PDZ' quest is to build a non-sexist, inclusive and egalitarian society where all humans love together in dignity. We view diversity as a strength upon which we can build a better, beautiful and prosperous nation and continent.

As an organisation's condemn forthrightly the emerging xenophobic upheavals in South Africa and view this a violation of people rights enshrined in the South African Constitution and other instruments that South Africa has ratified. The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa states in it's preamble that ' South Africa belongs to all those who live in it," Violence targeted at foreign nationals is also a violation of the right to, dignity and equality enshrined in the Constitution. We call upon  the government of South Africa and it's organs to take stringent measures to quell the situation and ensure that normalcy is restored immediately. Illegal foreigners must be dealt with through the statutory defined processes by the right state organs. The government can not allow such criminal acts to unfold unabated. The rule of law must be restored immediately.

We further call upon the government of South Africa to take recognition of the contributions of foreign nationals towards the country' fiscal. The perception that all foreigners are criminals who come to take away local jobs and contribute nothing whatsoever towards the national economy is unfounded and uniformed. Failure by the government to take the necessary steps to stop this black-on-black violence would mean that it condones such acts. As a Party we have great respect for the Honourable President of South Africa, Honourable Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma and trust that he and his government would do the right and honourable thing by stopping these violent acts.

PDZ further condemns the silence of the regional institutions such as SADC and the African Union in the  face of such unprecedented events. It is the duty  of these institutions to protect the rights of all humanity. Both the SADC and AU Secretariats must immediately petition the government of South Africa calling it to restore the rule of law. Regional institutions can longer be allowed to sit on the periphery and watch as human and people rights are violated by individuals and nation states.
PDZ leadership in South Africa will cooperate with all state organs, civic organisations in ensuring that peace is restored to our communities. We make a plea to all foreign nationals to exercise restraint and take reasonable steps to stay away from confrontational situations. The government must criminalize any statements that instigate violence directed towards foreign nationals.


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Source - PDZ