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Mugabes a first family from hell

by Jacob Mafume, PDP Spokesperson
10 Mar 2017 at 16:04hrs | Views
The People's Democratic Party is outraged by the irresponsibility displayed by President Mugabe who hired a luxury flight at the cost of US1 million dollars at a time where the country is facing serious financial constraints.

Since 2013, there has been a consistent decline in revenue collected by the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority. Revenue has thus slide from the prime position where it was 32% of GDP in 2011 to 23% in 2016.

Hospitals in Zimbabwe do not even afford to buy basic drugs like painkillers, previous year's bonuses for civil servants have not been paid, the budget deficit continues to balloon with incapacity to fund expenditure seen through the continuous issuing of treasury bills which in the past two years are now amounting to US4 billion dollars.

The 2017 budget reflects that cumulative expenditure for Jan-Oct 2016 amounted to USD3.84 Billion against the target USD3.32 Billion creating a variance of USD520 Million.

The state is failing to assist victims of floods who need basics like food stuffs, tents and medical supplies. In the midst of this crisis the person who is supposed to be the President finds it prudent to be flying to many destinations of his desire and then visit the country just briefly.

We once stated that Grace Mugabe was a first lady from hell which was not a full reference, the truth of the matter is that the first family is from hell.

The only option Zimbabweans have is to create a coalition of champions not only against dictatorship but against the looting of resources and the destruction of a possible future of this country.

Tight mechanisms must be put in place in future for anyone who will be head of state not to have the privilege to abuse tax payers money in the manner that Mugabe and his cronies have been allowed in the past 37 years.

It is our contention that the conduct by the head of state if unchallenged continues to dig the economy into an abyss, he lacks care the only reason why he spend millions on a birthday party while his wife also squanders millions on diamond rings. Only Zimbabweans can save themselves from this situation.
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PDP Spokesperson Jacob Mafume

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Source - Jacob Mafume, PDP Spokesperson