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Umthontiso Festival (Inkonzo Yokuchinsa Lokubonga Izulu Ku Jehovah)

by G.Sibanda
26 Mar 2017 at 09:24hrs | Views
A speech presented by HRM King Mzilikazi II at the Service Yokuchinsa held in Bulawayo eGcekeni leNxwala (ezibayeni) on Saturday the 25th March, 2017. The ceremony was conducted by the King with the help of some local pastors and elders.

Proof text: John 10:10 "The thief (satan) comes only to steal, and to kill and to destroy; but I (Jesus Christ) have come that you may have life and that you may have it more abundantly to the full, until it overflows."

Greetings: Mthwakazi omuhle, ondlela zimhlophe, Sizwe sezizwe, Sizwe samakhosi, Sizwe saMaNdebele ka Mzilikazi, M'buthwakazi Omkhulu weNkosi yoHlanga, Bantwana beSilo, Lina elithandwe nguBaba onguMenzi wezinto zonke, walikhetha phakathi kweAfrica yonke ngeGazi leNdodana Yakhe uJesu Krestu. Ngiyalibingelela ngithi,"Salibonani, Philani kade, liphile kahle!"

The Eternal Truth: There is one very fundamental truth that must be clearly understood when one talks of any leadership, be it leading a humble family unit with two or three people, or a national government with hundreds of millions of people and a budget of trillions of dollars. This truth is that; there will always be a "Spiritual Power" that ordains and empowers the leader, and that this "Power" is the actual Ruler of that particular set up, be it a family or church, a kingdom or a republic. Man, whether known to him or not, is only there to do the will of a "Spiritual Master". God is the Creator, Owner and Ruler of all creation including man. However at the fall of Adam and Eve, men forfeited their right to remain citizens of God's government and ruler ship, and by default became subjects of the kingdom of satan the fallen archangel, which is the kingdom of darkness.

Jesus Christ came down to earth specifically to restore the earth, and the kingdoms of the earth and man back to God the Creator and Loving Father. This He very successfully did through His death and resurrection. In John 10:10, Jesus refers to satan as a thief who comes only to steal, to kill and to destroy. He then announces His Own mission as One who has come to give us life again, abundant life that actually continuously overflows. He came to restore that which was lost by Adam.

Through experience and Godly wisdom I have come to realise that; Anyone who pursues leadership at any level, more so leadership over people and does not understand this fundamental truth, or for some reason ignores it; lacks all wisdom and is totally blind. Such a leader is high risk and very dangerous. The Bible says that our warfare is not against people but against spiritual entities in the heavenly places. These are satan's governmental structures with principalities and rulers of wickedness who run the affairs of men and their governments. That is why Jesus referred to satan as the prince or ruler of this world. Any king or leader "othembe ulwazi lwamabhuku kuphela" and does not understand this is lost. He cannot even protect his people because he neither possesses nor knows the weapons of this crucial warfare.
Our Experience: Mzilikazi, the son of Matshobana, in our resent history is the only one who was born a king. He did not fight his way into the throne and did not kill anyone in order to assert himself on the throne. He knew Who his Master was; uMvelinqangi (God), he clearly understood his purpose; to build a nation out of many different people groups and tribes - uM'buthwakazi, he knew what his role was; a Servant Leader - "Inkosi yinkosi ngabantu", his governing system was Ubuntu - which is based on loving others as yourself and respecting one another. King Mzilikazi is still dearly loved and respected by his people to this day because he understood the fundamental truth and aligned himself wisely. Out of a huge diverse nation he was able to create a family atmosphere and he became the Father figure; feared by his enemies but loved and respected by his own people.

Since the time of King Lobhengula until now, Isizwe samaNdebele has been under a different "spiritual master" from that of King Mzilikazi. It's been under the "thief", satan, the one who comes only to steal, and to kill and to destroy. Through ignorance or knowingly for the sake of power, Lobhengula chose this master who is a thief when he fought his way into power through a nasty civil war and the continued killing of his own defenceless people and brothers. The use of human elements and charms to enhance power, "ukutshwama" blatant witchcraft, are all programmes of the new master. Tribalism "inkethabetshabi", are all projects of the thief, coming only to destroy a nation that was so meticulously built. His system of governing was "witch hunting".

When the "new master" felt he was done with King Lobhengula he embarrassingly drove him out and brought in a much more cruel servant; Cecil John Rhodes, a thief par excellence. After a bloody genocide, he and his team from Mashonaland went into a looting spree. Not only did they steal our wealth and our land, but with the help of their home government and their queen, they stole even our country and united it to their protectorate; Mashonaland. When the "new master" saw that Sir Garfield Todd was too much of a gentleman, he raised Mr Ian Douglas Smith from nowhere, just to come and fight a bloody but losing racial war in order make sure that more Ndebeles die and suffer unnecessarily. Their system of governing was called "racism".

Come 1980 and many in Matabeleland thought it was finally over "kanti ababuzanga elangeni". Satan and his principalities had actually passed us over to the government of Mashonaland alias Zimbabwe, a former British protectorate. The stealing, the killing and the destruction has been unparalleled under this regime. The greed is unquenchable, the unexplainable hatred for the Ndebele people resembles only that of the "thief" himself. The Ndebele nation and its people have lost basically everything. The loss is not easy to fathom. I personally used to see and also hear of train loads and busloads of people from Mashonaland sent by their government or its ministers to come and sabotage human life, human development and the economy of the Ndebele by literally taking over their country Matabeleland. This they have successfully and proudly done "according to book" - "gwara", the1979 Grand Plan, and this continues till this day. The human sabotage is too painful to even briefly narrate. Their ruthless system of governing is called "tribalism, nepotism, corruption, extortion and murder". As for the economic sabotage, it has remained a mystery to me how exceptionally viable and highly capitalised companies like the Railways, Cold Storage Commission, Wankie Colliery Company, even the Bulawayo City Council, to name but a few, could be completely derelict all within a single leadership. Throughout Matabeleland our roads have completely disappeared even in the towns. There is no hope for the Ndebele or Matabeleland in anything under this current satanic arrangement, whether their government changes its name from zanu to mdc to people second or even to Mthwakazi whatever. God's plan is to restore what He created in the first place; "The Royal Kingdom of Mthwakazi/Matabeleland", and He will not inherit what the "thief" has created.

Ruler ship is spiritual and man has no power to rule but has power to choose a "Spiritual Master", and the choice is limited to only two; God or satan. Satan took over ruler ship of Matabeleland and its people from King Lobhengula. He uses human beings and their weaknesses to achieve his goal.

Umthontiso Festival/ Ukuchinsa/ Festival of the First fruits
However we are here today to celebrate the end of the rule of satan together with his spiritual and human agents in the country of the Ndebele nation, Matabeleland. My presence here today as King of all the Ndebele people and Matabeleland, HRM King Mzilikazi II, and this ceremony that I am conducting, mark the end of the painful history of the Ndebele people in their own country Matabeleland and the beginning of a new and glorious era. The past is over forever.

Yes, my presence here today marks the victory and the freedom and the restoration of the Kingdom of Mthwakazi that I declared at GADADE on November 5, 2016. God has defeated and dislodged satan and I am HIS PLAN for this victory and freedom and restoration. In the mind of God my kingship comes straight after that of King Mzilikazi, uninterrupted, and it comes straight from the Almighty Creator God. It is wholly and completely and directly connected to Master Jesus, the One who came that we may have life and to have it more abundantly, to the full, until it overflows. He is the One who built the Ndebele nation both spiritually and physically through His servant King Mzilikazi, the founder of this nation. Great things will soon begin to happen to this nation of Mthwakazi that will not only shock the world, but will also very much shock even you the citizens. The lives of the people, their economy and their country will change for the better within a record time. It's RESTORATION TIME for the Mthwakazi Kingdom and all glory belongs to Jesus.

Now the festival of the first fruits. Exodus 23:19; 34:26. The idea of the festival of first fruits is not a human idea, but it was initiated by God. God instructed the Children of Israel to offer to Him the first fruits of their harvest before utilising them. They were instructed to choose the best of the crop for this offering. This represented the whole harvest and meant that they were acknowledging that all things belong to God and come to us as a gift from Him who is also the Sole Giver of rain. It also was a sign of humility on their part and gave God opportunity to bless the people with all other blessings including good health, wealth and protection. 
Umthontiso/Ukuchinsa is a traditional practice for us as a people. Bekungadliwa lutho emasimini ungakenziwa umkhuba wokuchinsa. Injongo yalo umkhuba ibiyikuthi ukudla okutsha ovela emasimini kulungiswe kungakadliwa ukuze kungagulisi muntu kodwa kwakhe imizimba yethu. Yikho kwakuthiwa "madolo qina". Umkhuba lo wawuvumela ukuthi ukudla kuvuthwe emasimini lababukhali bengakuthintanga. Kwakuvikela lenyongo. Umthontiso/ ukuchinsa bekuyindlela yokubonga lokubonisa ubukhulu bukaMvelinqangi oNguye osipha izulu. Ngiyazi indlela zingatshiyana ngakho asisoze sizihluphe ngezinto ezinengi ukuze singaphikisani. Okunengi sizakudobha ngendlela.

Kulezinto ezintathu ezibalulekileyo ngalezi nkonzo zombili;
Okokuqala yikuthi zonke zenziwa ukudla okutsha sekuvuthiwe sekulungele ukudliwa kodwa kungakathintwa muntu.

Okwesibili yikuthi zinkonzo ezinika umnumzana, kumbe inkosi, kumbe UNkulunkulu ithuba lokwazisa imuli yakhe kumbe abantu bakhe ukuthi ukudla okutsha sekungadliwa lokubavulela indlela.

Okwesithathu: zinkonzo zokubonga lokwazisa lokunikela kuMdali uNkulunkulu, onguye osiphe zonke lezi izipho kunye lempilo.

In the light of the above observations, I want to make the following announcements ngesiNdebele: (please note that I am speaking to you as your Father, as your King and I am speaking mainly for Jesus Christ who is my Master and my King and yours.)
Okokuqala Mthwakazi yikuthi iNkululeko yakho lenotho yakho isilungile, isiphelelisiwe.

Okwesibili Mthwakazi ngilazisa ukuthi khululekani manje. Ziboneni, ziphatheni okwabakhululekileyo. Tshiyanani lovalo lokwesaba, litshiyane lokusola, umhawu lokuchothoza. Vezani uBuntu benu; uthando lenhlonipho. Lungisani okwenu, likhulume okwenu, lenze okwenu, litshiyane lezinto zonke ezemzini, lingakhulumi ngitsho langazo futhi lingayi lasemhlanganweni yemzini.

Okwesithathu Mthwakazi bongani uNkulunkulu oliphe inkululeko le. Bezibondiwe lapha kungaphumeki. Labo bayamangala ukuthi kungenzakala kanjani, kodwa sekwenzakele. Asiphindi sibesesakeni futhi. Konke lokhu kungamandla lokuhlakanipha lomusa lothando lukaJehovah. Ngakho ke Mthwakazi bongani uNkulunkulu lingadinwa.

1)    From today onwards there will be no other agenda for Matabeleland/ Mthwakazi except the King's agenda.

2)    From today onwards no one shall speak on behalf of Matabeleland/ Mthwakazi except the King or one officially sent by the King. No individual or organisation, no chief or political leader, no traditional leader or committee or family shall officially speak for Mthwakazi/ Matabeleland, her peoples or her affairs (including Gukurahundi) except asked to do so by HRM King Mzilikazi II. Mthwakazi is a kingdom and there is now a King in Matabeleland/ Mthwakazi. I proudly note that, Honourable Mthwakazians have over the many years worked ever so hard for the revival of this Matebele Kingdom and the revival of its Monarchy. These people and their efforts will never be forgotten and they also came at God's appointed time. I bless you. However the King is here now, "koMthwakazi inyoni ivele itshayelwa abadala".
3)    Mthwakazi Kingdom/ Matabeleland has nothing to do with the Zimbabwean elections. It does not matter whether those elections are held tomorrow or next year, Zimbabwean elections have always been for Zimbabwe and never for us. Don't even discuss them, let alone attend any rallies that talk about those elections. After all it's not even news, they already know the results.



The inauguration ceremony for HRM King Mzilikazi II will be held this year 2017 before the rains. The exact date will be announced soon. This is not a Mickey Mouse occasion. It is an international event that will be attended by dignitaries from all over the world. It will also be a marketing platform for the Revived Kingdom of Mthwakazi. Preparatory work for this august event begins in earnest tomorrow, the 26th March, 2017. It is our work and we must more than just support it; we must own it. Do not wait for anybody. If you see the vision do not consult, let us move forward like Gideon's army. Judges 7. Asingabi "ngabayicela isivuthiwe".

1)    During that ceremony the king will announce an Interim Ruling Council, "the King's Council" to commence the exercise of engineering the government infrastructure, the process of drafting the Constitution of the Revived Kingdom of Mthwakazi and the conducting of the general elections.

2)    The King will also announce the interim Prime Minister who shall consolidate the residue of the government infrastructure and the recruitment and training of an efficient civil service. Fortunately we already have "abantwana benkosi" who are currently serving in all the security departments as well as other areas within this government. Their knowledge and experience will be most valuable.

Finally: Now the onus is on you and me to believe in this Project of the Almighty God for the revival of the Mthwakazi Kingdom/ Matabeleland and to believe in His humble servant, King Mzilikazi II. The onus is on you and me to accept this project as our own and for you to accept and respect your King as your own. Let that love and loyalty to your King and your Kingdom, your discipline and your selflessness that once made you the most feared nation between Cape Town and Cairo be rekindled in you. This is an integral part of your restoration. The onus is on you and me to get fully involved in the project and not to be bystanders and commentators. The onus is on you and me to financially support this project as our own and support the volunteers who have sacrificed so much and work ever so hard, day and night to drive this work. Your humble servant has nothing left to sacrifice except himself, his love and his faith, and he will be privileged to live on the crumbs that fall off your tables. His is a full time job and it must be done and now. It is done in the name of Jesus. I call upon the whole Mthwakazi nation to begin to give, I mean sacrificial giving. Giving is very much a part of our restoration agenda, and so is loving and respecting. We will be known the world over as a nation of GIVERS and LOVERS as opposed to thieves and haters. I thank you Mthwakazi, I thank you MaNdebele. God bless you all. I love and respect you all.

UKUBA LINDEBELE IS THE BEST THING EVER EMHLABENI LA, IT IS ONLY SECOND TO BEING A CHILD OF GOD. Kungumusa omkhulu kaJehovah ukuthi sibengaMaNdebele, so do not allow tribalists to divide you into little tribal groups. BALAMANGA, ULINDEBELE WENA!

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Source - G. Sibanda