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Mphoko, a snake and an enemy of Mthwakazi Nation - MLF

by MLF
05 Apr 2017 at 10:24hrs | Views
©Byo24News - photo by Nkosilathi Gumede
It did not come as a surprise to us as to why Phelekezela Mphoko was recalled as the Zimbabwean Ambassador in South Africa and only to emerge as the third-highest man in that binary country.

Mphoko is the Enos Nkala and the greatest snake that Mthwakazi has ever inhabited and he seriously deserves to be treated as such. His ministry's actions and his recent remarks over Gukurahundi makes him no better than Nkala.

Mphoko does not deserve a place in Mthwakazi. Liberated or not, Mphoko is an unwanted thing in Mthwakazi. What Phelekezela fails to remember is how much of a lonely death his twin brother died in the hospital bed and we would like him to punch that in his thick gray head.

Like a used condom he will lie idle on the ground some day and his shonaic tendencies will badly haunt him.

For those who did not know why Mphoko was made vice president, why he has maintained that the gukurahundi was the "western conspiracy" and why he has been made the "National Reconciliation and Healing Minister, this is the reason.

1) Mphoko has never been a Mthwakazi at heart but he has ever since the Zimbabwe liberation struggle days, a Zanu and Shona loyalist deployed to suck information in Zapu. Mphoko had an active hand in the killing of the Zipra and uMkhonto weSizwe cadres in Tanzania in 1975 and the gruesome bombing of Zipra camps in Zambia in 1978.

We have received the information that Mphoko was part of the engineers of the grand plan and it was drafted in a place in Tanzania in 1979. Mphoko sneaked Mugabe out in one of Mozambique's jails after gathering some information that a plot had been set to kill him, in 1979.

Mphoko led the delegation of the gukurahundi troops that shot at Joshua Nkomo's house in 1983.

Mpoko was deployed as an ambassador in South Africa to spy on the ANC and ex Zipra and uMkhonto weSizwe cadres who had survived the killings across the Limpopo River and after the completion of his task which was marked by in insurgence of MLF being led by one of the persons he had been deployed to keep an eye on, thus he was systematically "recalled".

So his elevation was only a reward for being Shona bootlicker/ loyalist.

Mphoko is simply a serpent that deserves no better treatment than others. It is so much disheartening to learn that this serpent has not had enough of all the pain he has caused the Mthwakazi people and he is still in pursuit for more.

Therefore as MLF, we warn Mphoko that all his evil actions on Mthwakazi will remain as fresh as when he started it all. His day will come.

Source - MLF