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First family corruption disgusting - PDP

by Jacob Mafume PDP Spokesperson
05 Apr 2017 at 10:56hrs | Views
The revelation made in parliament that Sakunda is getting a duty exemption on US$500 million worth of fuel is a disgrace, it is proof of a shameless unrepentant regime determined to continue milking the country of the scarce resources.

The government is failing to meet revenue targets owing to an economy in continuous decline as result of Chinamonics' peasantry at national treasury. In addition ZANUPF is unashamedly exempting their patronage vehicles from paying tax yet impose tax on the poor working masses of this country.

We have always stated that the fuel industry is captured by one individual in ZANUPF who is controlling the wholesale, retail and the pipeline an issue which the regulating authority have proved toothless to deal with.

In that regard we have raised the issue relating to the unfair pricing of fuel in this country. Zimbabwe has the highest fuel price in the region and beyond despite the fact that oil prices have tumbled on the global market in recent times.

Despite the nation losing millions of dollars in revenue through the so called exemptions, there is no direct benefit to the Zimbabwean in fact the chain of prejudice intensifies at every stage.

The Simba Chikore linked Dema power plant have inflated unit prices at a price of 15.45cents making it higher than the United Kingdom which is one of the countries with very expensive electricity. Chikore and the Mugabes must be ashamed of imposing their expensive electricity when all the duty free fuel in meant for their plant.

ZANUPF have always used state procurement to line the pockets of Mugabe's cronies, his whole cabal is organised in cartels of patronage, capture, exclusion and comprador activities. Corruption infested state capitalism is now the order of the day.

We also content that the illegality in the exemption ought to be investigative, culprits must be subjected before the justice delivery system of the country without looking at names.

Section 56 of the constitution states that all persons are equal before the law therefore anyone who violated the law in this regard must be brought to book. The people in ZANUPF who issued the purported certificates were also in violation of their oath of office and the obligation to observe the law therefore must resign.

  1. The current conduct is not only a recipe but a manifesting disaster which calls for transformation, we therefore we suggest the following.
  2. The anti-corruption commission must start doing its job in routing out graft as obligated by the supreme law of the land. Reform of the board in not option in the current state the commission is just but an extension of the lacoste faction of ZANUPF.
  3. All individuals linked to the state must declare their commercial interests including a periodic publishing of their tax returns.
  4. There must be a shift from the current procurement and tender processes of the state. The state must offer contracts only to competitive service providers both by measure of pricing and reliability of quality service.
  5. There must be strengthening of all the institutions of the state responsible for anti-corruption including the commission, Prosecutor General's office and the Judiciary.
  6. The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority must tighten revenue leaks including tax avoidance, under invoicing; money laundering and any other form of elicit flows.
  7. All the problems we face are intricately linked to the first family from hell therefore chucking them and their party out is part of their solution.

Together Another Zimbabwe is Possible
Jacob Mafume
PDP Spokesperson

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Source - Jacob Mafume PDP Spokesperson