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The poison of Dokora's goats and Chinamasa's recipe

by Jacob Mafume PDP Spokesperson
21 Apr 2017 at 06:22hrs | Views
The People's Democratic Party has always argued that ZANUPF can steal all the elections but will not manage to rig the economy; science has proven that the rules and principles of economics cannot be cheated.

Now the chickens have come home to roast, economic gymnastics and machine gun policy pronouncements are now the order of the day. Talk of a toxic breakfast that even the dogs will not eat.

The Movable Property Bill is failure; the goats announcement is insanity at the highest level. Both are an admission to incompetence, cluelessness, ignorance & proof beyond reasonable doubt that the peasants have run out of ideas if ever they had any.

Our concern is that the combination of the two creates super factory of poison equivalent to a chemical weapon which will ultimately gas down our people the way Hitler did in the chambers of the concentration camps.

For Chinamasa the bill just reflects ZANUPF's lack of will to institute real reform, we have always stated that they are incapable.

As we state in the Holistic Program for Economic Transformation (HOPE), there is need to create a fund to specifically attend to distressed companies and industry.

There is also need to attend to the outstanding land issues as outlined in the Constitution. A land audit must be carried out to determine both ownership and productive utilisation.

The results of those must be used to rationalise, where there are multiple farm ownerships or land is abandoned bold steps to must be taken.

More importantly we need to address security of tenure for the beneficiaries of the land reform by giving title to those who own farms.

Such a move will give the new farmer capacity to borrow from the banks without the continuous need for the state to hypocritically supplement the new farmer with one hand then turn to withhold tax with another.

Both Chinamasa and Dokora recently made shocking notices; one restricting cash back in retail outlets to a paltry $US20 and the other one to introduce Stone Age payment of fees through goats among other things. Both are ironic reactions to the current liquidity crunch, a creation of ZANUPF's making.

The bond note proved not to be a solution, as we said before the crisis is inextricably linked to ‘ZANUPF PF Fiscalities,' the belief that money grows on trees and you can just spend oblivious of the source.

A national currency at the end of the day is a relationship that captures the country‘s productive capacity. It reflects a country's output and the strength, quantity and quality of its real economy.

We stated that a currency is a measure and indicator of the existence or otherwise of a social contract. A currency reflects in part the respect and confidence that the citizen has in the state or government.

Cutting down on cash backs, introducing the bond note or the cynical ,disrespectful and contemptuous pronouncement of goats as legal tender will still be subjected to the test of economic principles. Forget about the obvious madness around the whole concept of butter trade in the 21st century.

We therefore suggest that ZANUPF accepts failure and leave the nation to open a new chapter.

A proper leadership will then attend to supply side economics, deal with the issue of stolen RTGS and NOSTRO balances at the RBZ.

Allow the financial sector to rebuild the way it was done during the Government of National Unity from US250 million to 6 billion in a space of just four years.

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Source - Jacob Mafume PDP Spokesperson