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Grace Mugabe's shameless land barons hypocrisy

by PDP
03 May 2017 at 10:13hrs | Views
It boggles the mind how the queen of illegal eviction has suddenly became the Guru of moral regeneration in the country.

The first lady from hell yesterday called for decisive action against land barons who sell illegally acquired pieces of land to unsuspecting home seekers.

What matters is not the content of Grace's call but the pretence of a mosquito accusing a fly of causing disease.

It is public information that she is the illegal evictor-in-chief, as we speak hundreds of families are homeless in Mazowe. In the child saving rhetoric she has taken over prime land in the district at the expense of defenceless citizens.

All her empire has been built on land forcefully taken from poor people trying to work the land for a living. Recently she decided to expand, shameless deploying troops to displace citizens against the dictates of the constitution of the land.

Section 291 of the supreme law puts in black and white, "Subject to this constitution, any person who, immediately before the effective date, was using or occupying or was entitled to use or occupy, any agricultural land by virtue of a lease or other agreement with the State continues to be entitled to use or occupy that land on or after the effective date, in accordance with that lease or other agreement."

The first lady from hell in her pretence ignores the fact that the majority of land barons are ZANUPF cretins whom she purports to lead as senior member in the hierarchy of the evil organisation.

Recently Kasukuwere and Chiyangwa were in a war exposing each other, they both own tracts of land which no one can afford to legitimately buy.

Other land barons like Gomwe in Budiriro, Fredrick Mabamba in Chitungwiza all have clear ZANUPF links, in fact the later appeared in court clad in a safari shirt with Mugabe's signature on the breast pocket. As if that was not enough he told the magistrate that he could not attend his trial for two weeks so as to attend the Masvingo ZANUPF conference.

The point is there is evidence to the fact that the issue of land barons is just but a ZANUPF issue.

We have mentioned many times including in the Holistic Program for Economic Transformation (HOPE) that there is need to put an end to the land question.

At the moment ZANUPF characters continue to illegally acquire pieces of land including urban land as if they were fetching water from a river.

We also suggested that the state must ensure security of tenure in line with section 292 of the constitution. In HOPE we mention that title to land must be given to individuals defined in section 291 of the constitution to remove a leash that ZANUPF continues to maintain on citizens.

The PDP also made the point that all departments meant to combat corruption must be strengthened and act independently. Law enforcement, Prosecutor General's office, the Judiciary and Anti-Corruption Commission must play a role in dealing with land barons. Public political rhetoric from people of the first lady from hell's ilk will not do the trick.

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