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Mnangagwa must reverse his statement on creation of 2,2 million jobs

by Sikhumbuzo Moyo
23 May 2017 at 06:49hrs | Views
The vice President  addressed people in Zibagwe (Africa Chrome fields)  a place next to Kwekwe,where he used elements of propaganda and he tried  to be a political protagonist so that he lure many people into his corrupt party.

Since 2013 when ZANU rigged the election up to now, Zimbabwe's economy is deteriorating everyday.

Mnangagwa through his command agriculture, he disturbed and caused a lot of problems to the people for example in Matsouth ,he intimidated Matobo residents in Matankeni,Ndabankulu and Mahetshe.

He said that Trek is expanding for agricultural purpose.The President started to evict the people who lived in those areas before the war of liberation. The vice President does not even respect the people's right to land,the land which they fought for.

Zimbabwe has been de-industrialized ,almost all the commanding heights namely agriculture, mining,industrial sectors are dysfunctional but all Zimbabweans wonder why the vice president is  saying that ZANU  created over 2;2 million jobs".

People are suffering, most of them are now street vendors, and they struggle to survive.

The vice President need to withdraw his statement with immediate effect because his statement is not for public consumption

People are tired of intimidation, lies and ZANU propaganda. They want change and ZAPU youth front says " No to corruption, No to intimidation, No to looting  for example Marange diamond saga,No to embezzlement of the state funds. No to brutality, No to violation of human rights

Sikhumbuzo Moyo is ZAPU National Youth Front Secretary for Information and publicity

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Source - Sikhumbuzo Moyo