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Tsvangirai warned on Mugabe Gukurahundi immunity

by Moses Mzila Ndlovu
23 May 2017 at 08:42hrs | Views
Moses Mzila Ndlovu - Interim President Alliance for National Salvation (ANSA)
The article entitled 'Tsvangirayi pledges to protect Mugabe against Gukurahundi prosecution' of May 22, 2017, is accompanied by a photo of Mr Morgen Tsvangirayi with a dark blotch on his upper lip, directly under his nose. It is not so clear if this indeed is now his newly adopted shaving style. If it is, then this picture is highly symbolic and tells it all.

For the benefit of those who are fortunate to read my article but could not read the article referred to above, here is what Morgen said, in short: 1. He assures President Robert Mugabe of immunity from prosecution for atrocities committed in the past, 2. Mugabe is now mentally incapacitated, 3. that Mugabe has run his race, 4. That there are things he has done right.   

The first point in the mouthful of utterences reflects Mr Tsvangirayi's regrettable attitude to human rights and justice. The mere fact that Zanu PF has neither admitted to committing the genocide, they have neither taken responsibility nor have they shown remorse nor asked for forgiveness over the Gukurahundi should serve as a useful poniter. ZanuPF have chosen instead to be more belligerent and arrogant as shown by their outright rejection of the NPRC BILL on May 16, 2017 in Parliament and this should be instructive to a person in Tsvangirayi's position if at all he can learn. Tsvangirayi should be reminded that the public support which raised him to his current dizzying political heights came from the regions affected by the Gukurahundi and continue to be marginalised and treated unequally in a country they worked so hard to free. The reason is pure and simple. The people of Matebleland and the Midlands were justifiably hoping for justice over the Gukurahundi crime. They still are and justice they will get. They will not be intimidated by such extravagant but costly political statements from a delusional scarecrow meant to appease and stroke the dead ego of a belligerent despot with a convoluted sense of Zimbabweanness. The BaKalanga people who Mugabe has publicly denigrated before, have a saying, 'Uminye pfula uligele bge **** tjikulukulu', meaning you only swallow marula seeds if you have a large posterior end. There should be no illusions about this by tragic figures needing help within the opposition ranks, figures who would sell their mothers for a dime.

No one in their right mind will be misled to think that such brazen sellout appeasement will serve as therapy on pains of age and guilt. In the last seventeen years Morgen has clearly failed to comprehend the task at hand for the opposition, clumsily squandered public goodwill of the Zimbabwean people, leaving himsilf obscured from the realities of the struggle against ZanuPF as a system. ZanuPF has deeply entrenched itself, embedded itself within the institutions of the state. It is now clear that Tsvangirayi is ambitiously angling to become just another Muzorewa of the seventies who was under state capture of the Rhodesian State. Anyone harboring a sense of 2018 electoral victory against ZanuPF without a diaspora vote, without the detachment of ZanuPF from ZEC and other state institutions, from State apparatus, from traditional leadership, without a new and clean voters' role is insane beyond redemption and Morgen Tsvangirayi repeatedly displays this tendency. Trying to steer away from talking about the consequences to ZanuPF for killing people because they belonged to the 'wrong tribe', consequences for rape  and plunder, consequences for bribery, for deception, consequences  for looting and  sabotaging the economy, for stashing money in foreign countries, for abuse of state power is an act of cowardice. It is common knowledge that the sum total of state resources in individual hands of ZanuPF members far exceeds what Zimbabwe owes to foreign finance institutions. According to Morgen Tsvangirayi all this must not be spoken about because it will harden Mugabe's hold on power. This is an incredibly weird way of thinkin totally divorced from the true sentiments of those who lost their loved ones and completely bankrupt of the slightest of moral considerations.  ZanuPf must just do the right thing, that is, to let the informed will of the people prevail. It is a ZanuPF's catch 22 not for blindfolded liabilities of the struggle masquerading as pontiffs of democracy.

To say Mugabe is now incapacitated and therefore needs the sympathy of the opposition who should be persuading him to retire is utter senselessness. As fate would have it, the inevitable is close-by. What should concern peace loving people especially those whose democracy shopping lists are full with expectations is how to prevent ZanuPF from effecting a superfluous transition to 1980, allowing the country to once more slide into another orgy of destruction.

To suggest that Mugabe has run his race is both offensive and vulgar. Running his race doing what and towards where Mr Tsvangirayi? State administration dictates that just one misdemeanor particularly one with express instructions, erases everything else and that is why in democratized countries leaders resign over just one foot placed wrongly. You may have been politically unconscious when Richard Nixon resigned as United States of America President on August 9, 1974 over the Watergate scandal. Compare that with what you claim to be Mugabe's race which is recklessly littered with shocking self-inflicted dismal failures. A leader cannot fail to account for fifteen billion US dollars and then plead innocent because they built one bridge on a river in their home district. A leader who cannot account for more than fifty thousand lives, account for 'fatherless' children of rape, thousands including women who to this day live the nightmare of attacks by the 5th Brigade which left them with injuries in the form of serious burns, broken limbs, bullets lodged in their bodies. You Mr Tsvangirayi have the temerity of calling that a race well run. You cannot insult the people of Matebeleland and the Midlands more. You cannot rub anymore salt than this. This is a non-ambiguous demonstration of a disgustingly acute sense of disrespect for this region only consistent with ZanuPF's style of administration which has subjected the people of Matabeleland and the Midlands to perpetual oppression since 1980.

Not that we expected any better from you after you single handedly split the MDC party on October 12, 2005. No one who understood what we were seeking to achieve could in your own words Mr Tsvangirayi say, 'If this party must split so be it' simply because you couldn't accept the outcome of a free, fair and credible internal vote to decide whether we contest the senatorial election or not. Those who do not know you well want to tell us you are now a seasoned dyed in the wool democrat hardened by skirmishes against ZanuPF but you still find it hard to accept the will of the members of your own party. What irony! We are not at all surprised that you do not realise the full implications of your reckless and unfortunate statements as clearly those who trust you can only do so at their own peril. You have thrown all political caution to the wind, like ZanuPF you do not expect consequences. Your political race too is carelessly littered with self-made pitfalls. No amount of handholding can help you along the road to freedom. Making such statements can only mean you are anti-Matebeleland , anti-Ndebele just like ZanuPF and you are sacrificing the victims of Gukurahundi, walking on the brittle bones of dead victims of the 5th Brigade buried in shallow graves, just in order to carve out a cossy political niche for yourself.    

All those from Matebeleland and the Midlands who are diligently serving with loyalty in party ranks of anti-Matebeleland hyenas in sheep's clothing, the time has come for you to be guided by your consciences and love for your children and their futures to seriously start considering walking away from parties working to enslave you as second class citizens who cannot rise to lead those same parties. It is not your responsibility alone to unite this country. There cannot be unity without equality. Kungcono ukufela okungokwakho. Singesabi ukuqala  kutsha.

Moses Mzila Ndlovu

Interim President

Alliance for National Salvation (ANSA)     

Source - Moses Mzila Ndlovu