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Zanu-PF has declared war at Nsiza North - Says ZAPU Youth Front

by ZAPU Youth Front
21 Jun 2017 at 13:12hrs | Views
Ugogo Odilizelwe Umuzi eInsiza - Picture from VOA
What happened at Nsiza North to the villagers under chief Majaha is a war declaration to the opposition supporters and people need to be united and fight this evil government

Displacing people,burning their homes and destroying property is cruel and needs to be put to a halt

ZAPU Youth front is fuming and will not allow this violence to continue, Shall it continue, the Youths from Dabengwa led ZAPU will organize themselves in defence of Insiza North  villagers.

This is not what ZAPU fought for.The Mugabe regime is worse than the Smith regime.

ZANU has got that tendency of persecuting, intimidating and killing supporters of opposition parties.

#ZanuMustStopViolence, Mugabe and his cabinet Including MP's need to be shown an exit door come 2018. The battle of liberating our people and protection of our citizens starts now.

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Source - ZAPU Youth Front