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A coup is already taking place in Zimbabwe

by PDP
30 Jun 2017 at 11:43hrs | Views
ZANU-PF politicians continue to occupy the physical state offices but the military has taken over the reins, People Democratic Party (PDP) President Tendai Biti has said.

He was addressing a conference organised by the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, SAPES Trust and the National Endowment for Democracy running under the theme Zimbabwe in Transition: Reform and Reconstruction.

Responding to a question on why Zimbabweans must consider a National Transitional Authority, President Biti said "I do not believe that President Mugabe is still in charge, it is clear that the military is now calling the shots, the National Transitional Authority would serve to avoid the escalation of this development,' he said.

He told the meeting that positive steps must be taken to avoid the current set up developing into a fully blown military coup or even worse a civil war.

President Biti said Zimbabweans must take seriously the dangers of a military coup saying once a military coup happens in a country it is bound to happen over and over again.

He said countries that have witnessed civilian leaders being overthrown through armed means continue to be rocked by episodes of military disturbances categorising these countries as States in constant crisis.

These countries include Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burkina Faso among other African nations.
During the same session President Biti addressed the economic crisis arresting the country. He said it was criminal for the Minister of Finance to suggest to the conference that the country must focus on the informal sector because the formal has failed.

"Because of ZANUPF's mediocrity ZISCO Steel in no more, Lancashire Steel is no more, Sable Chemicals is also facing challenges but that is no excuse to celebrate the informal sector because it does not capture the aspirations of our people.

"Fuzwayo who is seated here is an accountant, he never acquired the Degree so as to sell tomatoes and vegetables, parents who sacrifice for their children to go to school have big dreams for their children selling onions isn't part of it," he said.

President Biti said a proper government would not have spent what was not budgeted for including millions spend on Command Agriculture,2016 bonuses and US$ 181 million payment to NSSA after failing to remit in the previous year.

He said Treasury Bills to the tune of US$6 Billion also make part of the fiscal insanity of the government. He said the issuance of these bills at surface value are just but domestic debt when in actual fact they increase on the stock of sovereign debt because they are indexed in United States Dollars. This increases debt to 16 Billion against a GDP of around US$10 Billion dollars.

President Biti suggested a raft of supply side solutions including creating an Emergency Recovery Fund to deal with distressed industries and marginalised areas.

He also said huge capital projects must be initiated; the country must construct itself out of the crisis.

More importantly President Biti committed to working with other patriotic Zimbabweans in the creation of a National Vision which the current pseudo leadership never had for the past 37 years.

Together Another Zimbabwe is Possible

Source - PDP Communications