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Mugabe's donation to AU is a misplaced priority

by Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo
05 Jul 2017 at 16:08hrs | Views
The current Government is struggling to address the needs of the public service, salaries are delaying, children are facing hunger, Harare cbd is flooded with vendors and most of them have resolved to criminal activities but we have a leader who is busy donating 1 million to an already rich continent. We have countries like South Africa who are doing well than us but they have never gone to that extent. We have many university students facing hunger and most of them have dropped citing fees hikes by tertiary institutions and the Government is not even concerned by the plight of the people.

Recently there was commotion at the University of Zimbabwe when students were forced to leave their hostels citing fees hike. Everyone is utterly shocked with the recent developments at Africa union summit held in Addis ababa. It's very sad that given the levels of poverty in this country where almost 85% of the population is facing starvation but the President decides to give a donation of 1 million to Africa union. My question will then be what is the motive behind the donation? We have hospitals with shortage of drugs and doctors are always on strike and up to now most civil servants haven't received their 2016 bonuses. Whoever is advising Mugabe on such matters should give the president correct information of what is transpiring on the ground.

This week I was in Chitungwiza doing some tours in St Marys I was utterly shocked that human waste is all-over, they have a serious sewer problems and most residents have been testifying that this problem is almost 5 years. I just asked how much they would need to rectify the problem, Chitungwiza only need something like 300 000 united states dollar.

Residents are at the risk of getting typhoid and cholera if this issue is not resolved. Most of the people who attend Mugabe's rallies will be putting on torn clothes and most of his supporters scramble for food in rallies but he donated 1 million to AU. Zanu Pf should never try to justify this donation because it was misplaced and misguided given the period which Zimbabweans are going through. Zimbabwe must implement pro poor policies which benefit the masses.

Zimbabweans are facing extreme poverty and over 90% are surviving with less than $1 a day and are some going for days without proper meals. Zimbabweans are going through a lot and it is high time Zimbabwe Government must rectify the issue of policy consistency. We have a situation where people were promised 2.2 million jobs in 2013 and after 2013 more than 30 000 companies were shut down due to operational expense. Most workers in the public and private sector were given 3 months' notice and this affected the economy of Zimbabwe. We need proper living standards which improves the welfare of many.

Despite the announcements of command agriculture, nothing has improved the standards of living among many. It is the duty and obligation of every Government to address the needs of the people and take the plight of the people in a serious manner. We have a serious problem in our country, we have seen national resources being looted in the day broad light, we have witnessed rampant corruption in the public sector, we have externalization of foreign currency, we have seen abuse of office by ministers and nothing has happened.

Recently Jonathan Moyo was involved in the looting of ZIMDEF funds amounting to 430 000 and he is still walking freely in Harare. We have Gwanda Project which Wicknel Chivayo received 5 million pay-out from ZESA and up to date nothing has been on the site. We have a big problem in this country. We have put sanctions for ourselves and its high time ZANU PF must admit failure.

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo writes in his personal capacity as the Head of MINDS which is responsible for policy research and analysis. He is also an academic, researcher and development consultant. He can be contacted at

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Source - Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo

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