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1893 Mthwakazi Restoration Movement (MRM) an inclusive organisation

by Thulani Nkala
09 Jul 2017 at 22:31hrs | Views
The 1893 is an emerging new organisation which looks like is a boiling pot of Mthwakazi intellectuals and ordinary Mthwakazians. Someone once said when the masses and intellectuals find a common ground and work in synchronicity the outcome is revolutionary. Without any doubt, the Mthwakazi struggle is at a defining stage now, where all the Mthwakazi citizens now seek the same goal, that is the restoration of Mthwakazi.

Mr Thabo Siziba who is the MRM Secretary for International, Legal and Quality Control affairs, when leading the launch of the 1893 MRM website on Friday the 7th, enthused about the website as follows "Today marks the release of the website to the rest of the world. This website is and will continue to be the most developed and extensively articulative mouth piece of the nation of Mthwakazi" he continued, "Through this website we will promote talent in our community, we will promote community development work, we will promote Art and the Arts, and we promote collective rights of Mthwakazi and the restoration agenda"

A cursory browse through their website leaves one with no doubt of the organisation's stance of being a non-political party but a movement representing the collective rights of Mthwakazi people regardless of organisational affiliation. It is one of the most content rich website about Mthwakazi social life, political life, history, and culture online to date.
"Most of all, we will be the research hub for our heroes as they engage in the great work of Restoring Mthwakazi boundaries as they were pre 1893" Mr Siziba said.

A brief walk through the site it vindicates and corroborates Mr Siziba's claims of the website being a research hub, in there I found the truth about the Matabeleland Order in Council, information about important heritage sites, history of the Mthwakazi nation and many other useful pieces of information.

What seems of interest to many people I have spoken to about the 1893 Mthwakazi Restoration Movement is its inclusivity, its core and fundamental goal is to work towards the restoration of Mthwakazi, however, within this goal the organisation is alive to the different strands of strategies along the core ideological spectrum, which at times may seem to be in conflict. The organisation professes to be above petty tactics and therefore skilfully and confidently infuses various talents from Mthwakazi nation for the greater good of the restoration agenda.

"All Mthwakazi organisations and individuals are invited to utilise the platform to showcase their work free of charge" Mr Siziba concluded.

Source - Thulani Nkala - 1893 MRM Deputy Secretary for Research, Strategy, and Policy