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Biti Host Prospective candidates Seminar, brief the press

by PDP
10 Jul 2017 at 10:47hrs | Views
People's Democratic Party President will tomorrow address a seminar of prospective Parliamentary candidates at a closed door venue in Harare.

The meeting organised by the elections directorate headed by the National Chairperson Lucia Gladys Matibenga will gather members from the 210 constituencies in the country who have been given a provisional green light by the districts subject to confirmation by the General Council.

The President will among other issues articulate the party's policy direction to the prospective candidates who will form party of the party's core in the 2018 election campaign.

Mr Biti will also highlight the code of conduct which guides all prospective candidates and those who hold internal party offices.

The party constitution stipulates that all office bearers of the party must declare their assets and must subject themselves to a regular internal lifestyle audit process.

The seminar is also expected to discuss election strategy including the implications of the polling station based voting which is set to be adopted for the next plebiscite.

Participants will also get an opportunity to get technical knowledge on biometric voter registration. Developments in the biometric kits procurement process will also be discussed.

Possible scenarios will be penned out during the seminar, with participating members outlining the challenges their districts might face in the next election.

A comprehensive environment scan will also be done during the seminar; submissions will be used for engagements on electoral reforms. These will determine the best strategy on the diplomatic, political and legal fronts.

President Biti will be accompanied by his deputy Mr Kucaca Phulu, the National Chairperson, her deputy Mr Patrick Thaba Moyo, Secretary General Dr Gorden Moyo, National Secretary for International Relations Willias Madzimure, National Youth Chairperson Moses Manyengava, Women's Assembly Chairperson Evelyn Masaiti and National Spokesperson Jacob Mafume who is expected to convene a press conference at the end of the event.

The list of prospective candidates will be released after confirmation in due course.

The seminar will precede the People's Democratic Party's National Local Government Summit which will gather 1956 prospective candidates in all the wards doted across the country.

The Local Governance committee led by the Secretary of Local Governance Farai Nyandoro has upped the preparation for the summit which is set to release the party's local governance charter which articulates inclusive service delivery. Nyandoro is a former Mayor of Marondera.

The People's Democratic believes in the provision of thought leadership through articulation of alternative policies against a background of ZANUPF's failed ZIMASSET.

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