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A reminder to the adherence to the Ndebele culture

by IButho leNqama
10 Jul 2017 at 15:51hrs | Views
As IButho leNqama, it is one of our aims to ensure the preservation and respect of our precious and most valuable Mthwakazi culture, which is the foundation of our ethnicity.

It is an aspect that we cannot ignore that we now live in a global village that has impacted on our daily living, such that we in most cases use modern and westernised techniques to address challenges and issues that go along with the international community.

However, this must not mean that we have to sacrifice some of our most prime cultural elements in addressing nowadays' challenges. For example, we have to respect the cultural process of choosing and the coronation of the rightful heir to the Ndebele throne. This is because the process involves not only physical elements but also spiritual aspects that when tempered with can lead the nation into more calamities. This is the main reason why, we as cultural gatekeepers, are against the mishandling of the Mthwakazi succession process being abused by Stanley Raphael and his cronies. If Stanley and his associates want to address a community issue, they must not use approaches that are an insult to our cultural institution.

We urge the masses to attend this year's King Mzilikazi Commemoration, which will take place on the 9th of September in Mhlahlandlela Kraal, Matobo. The event has become a modern cultural annual ceremony which celebrates the life and times of King Mzilikazi, the founder of this multi-lingual and multi-tribal rainbow nation. The festival will also give the Chiefs and the Khumalo family an opportunity to present their latest feedbacks about the succession issue.

Moreover, we encourage the whole Mthwakazi community to take part in protecting sacred and taboo cultural codes and statements. They should be strictly adhered to. IBUTHO LENQAMA is against the use of "Bayethe" to every Jack and Jill; this utterance is strictly used when referring to a King and at this moment there is no King. Yes, we do understand that the process of the anointing of the rightful heir has dragged so long; however, this must not be an excuse to use the wrong protocol.

Junior Ngwenya: Spokesperson

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Source - IButho leNqama