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Wishing the first lady, Dr G Mugabe speedy recovery

by ZUPA The Presidium
16 Jul 2017 at 18:21hrs | Views
Zimbabwe Unemployed People's Association, the organisation that represents the interests of millions of economically disadvantaged Zimbabweans and primarily the unemployed, if true is wishing for a speedy recovery for the injured first Lady, Dr Grace Mugabe. As an organisation, we are concerned about the first Lady's accident and we all wish her a speedy recovery.

We want to however take this opportunity to bring our considered views to the attention of the first lady while she recovers at home. We say this because we believe going forward you are more likely to play a significant role in leading the country. In our view you compare better and modern to other options within your party. Dr Mugabe, we strongly believe Zimbabwe requires major reforms as follows.

(1) Zimbabwe requires comprehensive electoral reforms, including the disbanding or reconfiguration the current elections commission.

(2) Zimbabwe requires agrarian reforms

(3) Zimbabwe requires holistic reform to promote an environment that will attract investment, grow the local economy and create jobs.

(4) Zimbabwe requires radical transformation of the economy to ensure independent and self-sufficient economy

(5) Zimbabwe requires radical transformation of society so as to protect children and vulnerable adults against various forms of abuse

(6) Zimbabwe requires educational reform so as to provide free early, primary and secondary education

(7) Zimbabwe requires the economy's structure of production and distribution to be urgently reformed.

(8) Zimbabwe requires increase in both labour and plant utilization and better organisation of peasants, the unemployed to reduce a complete breakdown of society.

(9) Zimbabwe must ensure that Agriculture, along with mining forms the basis for national development. If there is anything for example weevils that requires the use of DDT or gamatox, it is the pandemic of corruption particularly among government officials ZUPA:
The Presidium

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Source - ZUPA The Presidium