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Biti to deliver a State of the Economy Address (SEA)

by PDP
18 Jul 2017 at 10:22hrs | Views
The Zimbabwean economic downturn continues unabated; aggregate demand has collapsed; industrial capacity utilisation on a record decline and a crippling financial crisis has redefined the banking sector in the country.

The debt crisis is worsening; control on government expenditure has been lost disproportionate to dwindling revenue. Issuance of treasury bills is now the order of the day and domestic debt is ballooning. The government is financing non-state transactions including ZANU-PF rallies on public account through extra-legal means.

Social service delivery has also collapsed; chaos is brewing in the education sector with no solution in sight, the clown-king Lazarus Dokora who so happens to head the department apparently delights in the realm of Lyssa, the Greek god of madness.   

A majority of Zimbabweans are wallowing in dire poverty; unemployment has risen to a record high in the history of modern economies. Company closure is the new name for normalcy in the industry while retrenchment if the little cousin.

The People's Democratic Party believes in providing thought leadership through articulating holistic solutions which if adopted and religiously implemented can lift the economy from the abyss which Chinamonics continues to dig.

We believe in lighting the candle than cursing the darkness. In this spirit, the People's Democratic Party in December of 2016 presented a holistic analysis and recommendations meant to provide a solution to the current crisis.

ZANU-PF lacks care for the people of Zimbabwe neither is it interested in the renaissance of the country and the recovery of the economy. As expected Chinamasa disregarded the advice we provided and consequently, the situation has since exacerbated beyond some of the solutions we proffered during this period.

In an attempt to assist in finding a lasting solution to the unpalatable suffering of the Zimbabwean people, the Peoples' Democratic Party's (PDP) President Tendai Biti, will next week,  deliver the second edition of the State of the Economy Address (SEA) in Harare at a venue to be announced in due course.

He is expected to proffer raft of solutions to the economic quagmire on varying issues including land invasions, illicit financial flows, dwindling revenues, poverty and unemployment.

The President will also deal with the political crisis including the contradicting messages from the state which is at war with itself owing to the state-party conflation.

His address will also deal with the high country risk profile and the need for holistic reform.

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