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Dark week for Democracy in Zimbabwe

by PDP
27 Jul 2017 at 20:13hrs | Views
Sad developments penned out in the country this week, the developments are a call for action , every patriotic Zimbabwean must carry their cross, join forces in the struggle for liquidation of Mugabe's dictatorship with all its mediocrity, incompetence and cruelty.

Speaking of ZANUPF acts of this week, is  a like narrating a sad tale of  storms and darkness, it is an account from a novel of sadness with distant sounds of dying animals, a story from a book you would not want your children to read especially at night.

The PDP is concerned with how the motley of charlatans, morons, bootlickers and mercenaries in ZANUPF colluded while they butchered and mutilated the only checks and balances for our Judiciary.

This bunch was even singing, ululating as they voted away our freedom and theirs too, it boggles the mind how people expected to be the law makers can sink so low.

By amending the constitution this bunch has just dealt a blow to the cause for democracy in this country. They have destroyed part of the foundation for which Zimbabwe is supposed to build the momentum of constitutional reform.

One thing for sure is that ZANUPF is an impediment to progress in this country, they pose a danger for the existence of law as part of a modern society, their continued stay in power will breed anarchy in this country.

Zimbabweans cannot continue to act the business as usual way, doing so is like a chief investigations officer who takes a long vacation when the most dangerous criminal has just escaped from a Super-max facility.

Many Zimbabweans agreed with the PDP that the day the first amendment was passed is a dark day in the history of the country. It is an episode in our history which qualifies to be in Shimmer Chinodya's book just like in the novel, people in ZANUPF have their own Chairman of Fools.

A man who does the opposite of what the situation demands, our situation requires an active Justice Department aligning the laws to the progressive clauses of the Constitution to enhance development but instead this man is aligning the Constitution to darkness.

While many Zimbabweans were still in shock, ZANUPF decided to add insult to injury by decimating the only functional office meant to expose corruption, maladministration, complacency and incompetence.

Mildred Chiri was the darling of the masses not because of good looks or fluency in the queen's language but the competence, fearlessness, diligence and the integrity she displayed as the Auditor General of this country.  

For the hate of accountability, good governance and transparency ZANUPF decided to do away with not only Chiri the person but the principles she represented. Obviously her tenure was an inconvenience to the system of patronage, self-aggrandisement and embezzlement of public funds.

Chiri had been consistently exposing ZANUPF especially their failure to account for millions of dollars both in Central government and State Enterprises. She has also highlighted flouting of regulations meant for administering public funds including the anomalies in procurement processes. ZANUPF has created a cartel of tenderpreneurs obviously the Chiri principles are an obstacle therefore an immediate casualty.

We are concerned by the choice of Chiri's replacement, one Mike Ndudzo a person of questionable competence.

The man presided over Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) a state enterprise with vast interests; he was the man at the centre of running down Willowvale Motor Industries and Zimglass. Once more the sleeping legislature could not serve the country.

For the 26 years that he was the head of IDC, the organisation made annual losses of up to 20 million dollars.

The People's Democratic Party insists that the urgent business of the government must be to investigate the issues raised by the Auditor General; individuals who abused public funds must be held accountable. They must be punished, where criminal prosecution is possible it must be pursued.

The laws of the country are also meant to be a deterrent to criminal abuse of office; ignoring them the way ZANUPF is doing renders the law insignificant.

It is however clear that this cancer will spread like the fires of the forges, part of the foundation to reform is the removal of ZANUPF from office. This agenda must be a priority for every Zimbabwean, the time for a bystander approach is over, our future is at stake.

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