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'Zanu Pf has personalised Heroes Acre' - CODE commemorates Heroes' day

14 Aug 2017 at 12:27hrs | Views
The Coalition of Democrats (CODE) has  joined all progressive and democratic Zimbabweans in commemorating Heroes Day.

In a statement the CODE said it identifies with the values and goals of the countries' heroes especially those that waged the war during the colonial era until Zimbabwe attained its independence.

"We are however dismayed by the way the process of conferring one a hero status has been hijacked by Zanu Pf.As CODE, we believe that one should not first of all die in order for their contribution to the nation to be recognised.

Zimbabwe has a lot of heroes and heroines who have contributed to the country socially, politically and economically. While we value political contribution made by the sons and daughters of Zimbabwe, we believe that heroes and heroine statuses should be awarded not only to the deceased but to individuals while they are still alive," said CODE.

"Zimbabwe should migrate from this trend and confer heroes and heroine statuses to individuals while they are still alive in order to encourage the spirit of patriotism among especially the youths. CODE also believes that the current scenario where the onus of conferring one with a hero or heroine status has been left to be a one man's decision is not only morally wrong, but it defeats the whole essence of why the people fought against colonialism. Not only is this undemocratic but the process is further entrenching dictatorial tendencies."

The CODE said Zimbabweans are not only tired of Zanu Pf's stalwarts being declared heroes and heroines, but the development has caused the majority of Zimbabweans to fail to identify and appreciate the important roles of heroes and heroines in the country.

"Zanu Pf has personalised Heroes Acre to an extent that people are now failing to realise the value of Heroes Day. President Robert Mugabe's manipulation of hero's status has not only defeated the value of commemorating Heroes day but it has also devalued our heroes and heroines," said CODE.

"The Heroes acre has been diverted to becoming a private burial ground for Mugabe's bootlickers and loyalists. Zimbabwe's national objectives, ethos and values have been eroded by the Zanu Pf regime which in this process of manipulating Heroes Day and heroes' status is abusing state resources.
It is baffling why the Mugabe led regime since it has personalised Heroes Acre should not rename the Heroes acre. In the same vein, Zanu Pf should also stop forthwith using state resources and use its own party coffers to fund the burial of its stalwarts."

The CODE said however it urges all Zimbabweans to set aside our differences and commemorate the day by visiting various sites where our heroes and heroines have been laid to rest.

"This includes those heroes such as Ndabaningi Sithole, Lookout Masuku among others, who despite their contributions to the country's independence were denied the right to be buried at the Heroes Acre because of their divergent views.
Those that contributed to the country's social and economic development including Jairos Jiri should also be celebrated on this day.CODE therefore implores the government to set up an independent body comprising of credible people that decides on an individual's national hero status.As a Coalition of Democrats, we urge President Mugabe to stop manipulating Heroes Day and let Zimbabweans appreciate their living and deceased heroes and heroines," said the CODE.

The CODE comprises parties such as
African Democratic Party (ADP)
Democratic Assembly of Restoration and Empowerment (DARE)
Mavambo Kusile Dawn (MKD)
People's Democratic Party (PDP)
Progressive People's Party (PDZ)
Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe (RDZ)
Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU)
Zimbabwe First (Zimfirst)
Zimbabwe United for Democracy (ZUNDE)

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Source - CODE